From flirting on Orkut to getting divorced: how was Simaria’s marriage

From flirting on Orkut to getting divorced: how was Simaria’s marriage

With a photo of the wedding in black and white and “torn,” Simaria announced the end of her 14year marriage to Spanish businessman Vicente Escrig in August 2021. A relationship born from conversations on Orkut (a social media sensation in the 2010s) that produced two children: Giovanna, 9 years old, and Pawel, 6. The relationship was anything but a fairy tale. The LeoDias column is reminiscent of some phases to the beginning of the end.

“The handsome guy saw that I was Brazilian, he sent a message and I, not being a fool or anything, gave him the leash. A love for the webcam, for the daily conversation,” Simaria reported in an interview a few months before she ended the story.

Simaria and Vicente Escrig at the renewal of vowsPhotoofSimariaandVicenteEscrig

Simaria and Vicente EscrigReproduction

WhatsAppImage20210829at19.05.48Simaria Mendes and Vicente Escrig

Simaria Mendes and Vicente Escrig Reproduction

Simaria and Vicente Escrig with their children Giovanna and PawelSimaria with Vicente Escrig and their children Giovanna and Pawel

She announced the end of her marriage to Vicente EscrigReproduction/Instagram

Simaria and VicenteSimaria and Vicente

Simaria and Vicentereproduction/instagram

Simaria declared himself Comrade VicenteSimaria and her husband Vicente

Simaria and the exreproduction

Screenshot 19126Wedding of Simaria and Vicente

This is her second Wedding VIP Tour/Disclosure in Las Vegas

Screenshot 20114Wedding of Simaria and Vicente

Vicente is Hispanic and SimariaLas Vegas Tour VIP/Disclosure

Screenshot 14182Wedding of Simaria and Vicente

The intimate ceremony took place prior to the VIP/Disclosure of the CarnavalLas Vegas Tour

Screenshot 15154Wedding of Simaria and Vicente

And it was commanded by an indigenous tribe. Las Vegas VIP Tour/Disclosure

Screenshot 22137Wedding of Simaria and Vicente

Congratulations to the couple! Las Vegas VIP Tour/Disclosure

Screenshot 21161Simaria and Vicente

She recently remarried her husband in the US at the Las Vegas VIP Tour/Disclosure

Screenshot 16139Wedding of Simaria and Vicente

Your Wedding Las Vegas VIP Tour/Disclosure

Screenshot 18134Wedding of Simaria and Vicente

Simaria and Vicente have been together on the Las Vegas Tour VIP/Disclosure for 10 years

Screenshot 23124Wedding of Simaria and Vicente

Simaria and Vicente made their union official at Grand Canyon West in Las Vegas (USA) Las Vegas Tour VIP/Disclosure


After many virtual conversations, the Spaniard surprisingly appeared at a concert by the duo. And who recognized him was Simone when she saw him from up on the stage. “That man over there, in the middle of the crowd, isn’t that the Spanish cat?” Simaria’s sister recalled in the same interview.

Vicente’s move to Brazil

Vicente moved to Brazil as soon as he started dating Simaria. The two even bought a plot of land in the city of Valencia, Spain, where his family lives. But Vicente was never someone who made a lot of media appearances. Whenever he accompanied Simaria, he avoided flashes and photos. He was also very discreet on social media.

In short, the intense concert schedule of the Simone & Simaria duo created a certain distance between the two, as Vicente did not like to accompany them on trips.

the beginning of the end

The wear and tear on the relationship took place a year before the pandemic. “He instead of doing that part of the house [de cuidar], didn’t help me. I was the one who did everything. And then there came a time when I said, ‘What is this guy doing here?’ I started observing and spent ten months,” she recalls in an interview with the owner of this column.

Vicente’s behavior towards the employees who worked for her at home was also one of the factors that weighed on Simaria in the decision. The turnover was very high, no one was at work for a long time, which caused the singer a headache. Some time later, Simaria discovered that Vicente’s dealings with the employees were getting in the way of his life.

Already on the first trip to Spain during the pandemic in March 2020, Simaria was sure that the marriage had no future. “The love I felt for him had already died. I kept looking at the gestures and postures […] and I came back from Spain determined […] I didn’t recognize the person in front of me.”

How was the ad?

“Before the news gets out, I’ll tell you myself! I inform everyone that my relationship with Vicente ended after 14 years. It was a wellconsidered decision, for sure. We had beautiful moments together, two wonderful children who are our greatest wealth. I pray to God that Vicente is very happy because he deserves it,” she clarified in the controversial publication.

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