From behind Belinda raises the temperature by posing topless PHOTO

From behind, Belinda raises the temperature by posing topless: PHOTO

In the last week the name of belinda has repeatedly appeared on various show portals because her ex-fiancé Christian Nodal made one of her conversations public in which the actress asked her for money for a tooth correction in order not to create more controversy and published in response a Topless photography showing that he only wants to focus on the present and his future.

The beautiful Welcome to Eden actress shared the aforementioned photo via her Instagram posing on her back against a wall wearing only jeans and one of the aspects that attracted the most attention was the actress’s expression, which expressed a lot of sensuality and that was the reason for it stole hundreds of sighs from his fans and some of his fellow artists, who turned to flattery for the performer of “El Sapito”.

“Divine Woman”, “You Are Perfect Beli”, “What a Way to Exude Beauty”, “A Goddess”, “Super Beautiful” and “Winner as Always” These are some of the comments that can be read in the comments section of Belinda’s post, which has already amassed more than 686,000 likes as of the editing of this writing.

Why didn’t Belinda respond to the conversation leak?

Belinda’s silence before the leak of the conversation in which she asked Christian Nodal for money has sparked much speculation among the former couple’s supporters, who were known as “Nodeli”, and among these versions there are those who They assure that the actress of Spanish origin ignores the Sonora because she simply doesn’t want to have anything to do with him anymoreHowever, other of his fans assure that could prepare a lawsuit against “bottle by bottle” interpreters However, having directly affected her image, she herself is expected to reveal her version of events to end this controversy once and for all.

Belinda and Nodal ended their relationship last February. Photo: Special


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