From ‘BBB 23’ Fred has his trans brother breast removed

BBB 23 contestant Fred gave his brother, artist Gabs Noah, a breast removal for his birthday. Gabs is a nonbinary trans person, meaning he does not identify with either male or female gender and has been supported by his brother since the beginning of the transition process.

As an artist with songs about to be released and more than 77,000 followers on Instagram, Gabs is taking the social media space to talk about his experiences as a nonbinary trans person.

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Gabs Noah posts shirtless photo Gabs Noah posts shirtless photo Photo: Playback/ Instagram

In a highlight on his profile on the network, he shares details about the breast removal and how his family members felt about the operation.

“My father almost died of a heart attack when I told him, but he supported me from the first minute. My brother is always by my side! And my mother told me that the surgery was beautiful and that she was very happy for me,” Gabs said.

Gabs Noah and Fred Gabs Noah and Fred Photo: Playback/Instagram

Fred and Gabs have been working together since 2021, but the community between them isn’t new. It was even Gabs who inspired the dowry for Cris, the journalist’s son with former BBB Bianca Andrade, which consisted of clothing and accessories in neutral tones. The idea came from a conversation Fred had with his brother before their son’s baby shower.

“We decided that Cris’ dowry for his reveal tea would be purple. My brother is a nonbinary person and when I told him I wanted to celebrate that, I was asked, ‘Why are you celebrating gender? Why not celebrate it alone? the person?’ .

Gabs Noah with nephew and brother Fred Gabs Noah with his nephew and brother Fred Photo: Reproduction/ Instagram

Gabs is married to Jess Bortoletto, with whom she adopted five cats during the pandemic. The two often exchange long declarations of love on social networks and also post a lot when it comes to “Fred at BBB 23”.

Gabs Noah with his girlfriend Gabs Noah with his girlfriend Photo: Reproduction/ Instagram