Friends, Wax is talking to Arisa: "The stupid part of me was thinking"

Friends, Wax is talking to Arisa: "The stupid part of me was thinking"

The student confronted his teacher with the well-known New Year’s Eve: “You disappointed us, take off your jersey at the next yellow card”

Posted on: Jan 19, 2023 09:52:00wax friends

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At the Amici di Maria De Filippi school, discussions continue about what happened in the house the night before New Year’s. “Extremely serious facts,” said the same Maria DeFilippi, confirmed yesterday by Dagospia: some boys were sniffing nutmeg with the intention of achieving hallucinogenic effects. Among them too wax, now at the center of controversy for being singled out as the ringleader of this stunt. The student confided to his teacher during the daytime program on January 18, Develop.

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New Year’s Gate, Wax talks to Arisa

The latter did not miss the opportunity scold again his pupil, guilty of involving his comrades in this awkward situation. Wax tried justify yourself, and told the teacher about her state of mind: “I’m not doing so well, I deserve a bit of a storm. However, Arisa was not reassured by his words and did not accept the boy’s justification. “When you are aware of the opportunities life has given you, you avoid the stupid part. You’re here for new opportunities, every time you’ve found yourself in the measures I’ve always let you out. I’ve always privileged your talent “When you do something like that, you don’t show me you’re an adult. You tell important family things, that shows maturity. So I’m wondering who you are, are you pretending or do you really care , what you are.” do you?”

The singing teacher then continued: admonishing Wax and reminded him that his disrespectful behavior meant he was risking screwing things up path who said in Amici’s school: “There were a large number of your classmates who didn’t do what you did. Your goal is to become professionals, to study. For crap like that, all that work you did.” would have been for nothing. Next time you’re involved in an action, I’ll take your shirt off. Don’t get too big. You let us down. Right away, boy, did you forgiveness publicly: “I’ll prove to you that I’m not in kindergarten. I promise you my promises will be kept. In addition to apologizing to you, I would like to apologize to everyone: to the production, to Maria, to the editors, to my classmates, to my family, to the public”.

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