Friends, drama about the former student: "The infection has reached the brain"

Friends, drama about the former student: "The infection has reached the brain"

Friends drama about the former student quotThe infection has reached

It’s not an easy time for a former student of Amici: it’s about Pasqualino Maione, Participants in the seventh edition of the talent won by Marco Carta. As he himself said on social media, the young man is experiencing a real drama: he has been in the hospital for four months and has lost thirty kilos. In an interview with the weekly newspaper Nuovo, the singer explained that it all started in July, when he has signed Covid twice.

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Maione said he was confined at home for twenty days with a headache so bad he passed out. He had a fever of forty and could not recover. “The fever didn’t go away, so they took me to the hospital and after the tests found all my values ​​wrong – the singer explained -. They discovered that I had a virus that had affected the whole body. The pneumonia had reached the brain cause meningitis, which they caught just in time.”

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Today Pasqualino is in therapy with cortisone and other medications. Next to him his family. But not only. In recent months, Maione has also received support from some of Amici’s former students, such as Roberta Bonanno and Marta Rossi. Now Maione only wants to solve his health problems and revive his musical career. His dream is to be on Tale and which show as he has always loved imitations.

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