Friends, angry Todaro: "I feel like throwing up"

Friends, angry Todaro: "I feel like throwing up"

Friends angry Todaro quotI feel like throwing upquot

“When I see you asking the teacher for lessons on faces and looks I feel like throwing up“: Raymond TodaroDance teacher at Amici’s school, didn’t take the decision of one of his students well, Mathiasto seek advice from another professor. of the program Alexandra Celentano. “You who have a master who has done so much for you because anyone else would have sent you home after some behavior kick ass… If you don’t think of talking to me, then it’s serious,” the former Dancing with the Stars pro continued.

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For a few days, the Latin teacher would no longer tolerate the behavior of his student and the dynamic that is created with his ballet colleague. The straw that broke the camel’s back was Mattia’s injury, but even the extra hours requested by the dancer would not be surpassed. Mainly because Raimondo Todaro was not aware of it. “Didn’t you think I might be upset or not happy about it? Does it seem normal to you that I have to find out from TV? am i a spectator Tell me if that’s normal,’ Todaro said, turning to Mattia.

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According to the teacher, the boy’s real problems are not, among other things, the look and the grimaces he makes while dancing. “I don’t know how to tell you anymore You have time problems. I see you putting oil on yourself, asking for lessons damn dog… If you want to be a serious dancer, you have to set the pace,” Todaro clarified.

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