Friends and the drama of the singer hospitalized for four months: ‘Brain infection’    Newsby

Friends and the drama of the singer hospitalized for four months: ‘Brain infection’ Newsby

Maria De Filippi to Amici_newsby
Maria De Filippi to Amici_newsby

There is great concern for an ex-face of Amici who has a serious health problem these days.

Pasqualino Maioneformer singer of the famous talent show from Maria DeFilippiis in a difficult time. In fact, the young man who took part in the seventh edition of the program has been in the hospital for 4 months and he has lost 30 kilos.

Maria De Filippi to Amici_newsbyMaria De Filippi to Amici_newsby

The experience at Amici

Born in 1984 in Waiblingen, Germany, after a few years Pasqualino moves to Italy with his family in the country of origin of his parents in the province of Naples. It starts here cultivate a passion for music and to support his studies, he also began playing piano bars and performing in the squares.

He arrives at Amici’s school in 2007 and join the white team. After that, he finished third in the final Roberta Bonanno and the winner Marco Carta. Amici’s experience then introduces him until 2018 Sunday In, by entering Talent by Talent with a song he wrote. His reappearance on the small screen excited the public who had known him years earlier at Amici, much admiration and curiosity. In fact, the singer looked very different, with a toned and sculpted physique.

Pasqualino Maione to Amici_post Instagram_newsby Pasqualino Maione to Amici_post Instagram_newsby

Health problems of Pasqualino Maione

This sculpted body during this period has suffered a sharp loss of weight due to the odyssey that the singer has to face. He himself told the weekly Nuovo, confident his health problems began in July, after having covid twice.

He was locked at home for twenty days with severe headaches, which also caused him to repeatedly pass out. He also always had a very high fever and could not recover. “The fever didn’t go away, so they took me to the hospital and after the tests found that all my readings were wrong.” The former student of Amici explained, adding They discovered a virus that had infected his entire body. A lung infection caused by the lungs, had reached the brain causes him one meningitis, the luckily they caught it in time.

The dream of Amici’s former student

Pasqualino Maione is still in the hospital awaiting his recovery. Every morning he undergoes therapy with cortisone and other drugs. Of course he can count on the support of his family, especially mother and sister Giovanna, who don’t leave him even a day.

Pasqualino Maione _ Instagram _ newsbyPasqualino Maione _ Instagram _ newsby

But Pasqualino doesn’t only get all the affection and moral support from the family circle, because lately even Amici’s former students, his comrades-in-arms, have contacted him, e.g Roberta Bonanno and Marta Rossi. He also had a few phone calls with him Marco Cartabut none with Maria DeFilippi. The presenter and former student of Canale 5’s most famous talent school, after the end of the show, They didn’t keep in touch.

Meanwhile Pasqualino Maione She sincerely hopes to overcome this health issue to dive back into her music career. His participation in Amici took place 16 years ago and since then he has never had any real success. the However, the 38-year-old is hoping to take part in the Tale which show and who knows if we won’t see him in the famous program soon Karl Konti.