1664733368 quotfriends 22quot Wax is saved Ludovicas sensuality test controversy

"friends 22": Wax is saved, Ludovica’s sensuality test controversy

quotfriends 22quot Wax is saved Ludovicas sensuality test controversy

After Maria De Filippi played with Alessandra Celentano about her possible suitors, went to Rudy Zerbi and Garrison and passed Stefano De Martino and Raimondo Todaro (who kissed the Prof on the mouth), Maria De Filippi opens the argument of these episode in which she invites the boys to write on a piece of paper who they would like to challenge in the unpublished work competition. The three with the most votes compete against each other, judged by Max Brigante. And the three guys are Wax, Tommy and Niveo. Tommy Dali opens the competition with “Male”, followed by Niveo with “Scarabocchi” and finally Wax with “Turista per semper”. Brigante warns that it’s difficult to give a verdict as the songs don’t have a final production yet, but after evaluating the composition and possible developments, he decides to reward Tommy Dali.


– After the competition, Maria tells all the boys to stand up, except for the three who took part in the competition of the unpublished and Aaron. Federica is also called to get up. The problem is that during the week they broke a strict production rule and left the school to smoke during a break in class. Because of this, the final two of the cover contest will go straight into the contest.


– The competition to decide who will participate will be judged by Achille Lauro. Aaron is the first to appear with “Leave a light on” and gets a 6 for missing “Identity”. Then it’s up to Niveo with “There is no music”: Rudy Zerbi criticizes him for the excessive facial expressions in the interpretation, Achille Lauro also gives him a 6. Federica then goes on the track and brings with her version of “I dedication to you the silence” a 6.5 home. NDG wins Achille Lauro, who assigns an 8 to his interpretation of “Suavemente”. It’s Piccolo G’s turn with “A small time” and it’s a 6 for him too. Tommy Dali gets Lauro’s last clear voice with “Love exist” and it’s a 7. The race continues with Andre , with “A Million Things to Tell You” and Wax with “Bye Bye”. It then turns out the overall ranking, which sees the last three places Aaron, Piccolo G and Niveo. Since Aaron hadn’t broken the rule, it’s Piccolo G and Niveo going into the challenge.


– We continue to dance, starting with Rita. As a difficulty decided by Emanuel Lo during the week, the girl worked with Elena, who had covered her face with a mask so as not to show her expressiveness. For the same reason, Rita performs in front of the professional so that her natural expressiveness can be assessed. After Elena Damario’s performance, Lo states that Rita is a flat line while joy and melancholy should be shown lest the task be overcome. Celentano is not there and attacks, claiming the girl was left to her own devices while she was escorting her.


– The boy goes to the track in his sweatshirt. Zerbi sent him to the challenge because he believes he cannot control energy and emotions and has no musical sense. He challenges him to a songwriter, David. To judge is Charlie Rapino. Wax sings “Shakerando” while David is asked…. Rapino gives the win to Wax, who he says “has a lot more potential”.


– After an interlude dedicated to the “Tennis & Friends” tennis and padel tournament to spread the culture of health prevention, which will take place from October 7th to 9th at the Foro Italico, we move on to the dance with the competition that will be judged by Anbeta Toromani. Mattia appears first and gets an 8. After him it’s up to Maddalena, who is less convinced of Anbeta and gets a 7-. So it’s up to Samuel who, despite the initial slip, manages to get 7.5 when he says he knows little about Anbeta … Megan for the judge is “beautiful” and has everything: “physicality, expressiveness” . And that’s why it deserves an 8. It continues with Gianmarco taking home a 7.5, the compliments from Emmanuel and the strong criticism from Raimondo. Anbeta considers Asia to be slightly weaker than the others and therefore assigns her a 6+, while Ramon gives her an 8 despite the perplexity of Todaro and Lo, who consider him sub-optimal in the less technical passages. For Ludovica and Samu, the vote is not clear. In the final ranking, Ludovica is even in first place with 8.5, while Asia is threatened with elimination as the last.


– Not even time to celebrate and Ludovica has to face the task Celentano gave her. She has to leave her hip-hop comfort zone to face a choreography that showcases sensuality, femininity and body control. In particular, she will have to face this test in the same costume as the pro, i.e. just a bikini and jacket. Emanuel Lo, confronted by Ludovica, prevents the girl from taking the test, although she would be inclined to do so, because he does not consider it a “constructive test but a costume test that gets the girl into trouble”. Celentano says she is very sorry because she is convinced that Ludovica could have met her very well and learned something. The result is a very heated discussion in the studio. As a result, Ramon is called and shown a video in which the boy during the week advises Ludovica to prepare the choreography anyway because he thinks he could be dressed as he wants because the request “makes no sense”. Celentano doesn’t take her student’s departure well at all and decides to sit his shirt down because maybe “I’m not the right teacher for you, and you should go with Emanuel Lo”. Ramon is not intimidated and continues to defend Ludovica, who suffers an emotional breakdown and bursts into tears.