Friends 22, a famous former teacher, accuses talent

Friends 22, a famous former teacher, accuses talent

Fans of Friends, the hit talent show from Maria DeFilippi, You will well remember one of the teachers who made the program even bigger and at times even more controversial. It is about Luke Jurman, Singing teacher and then feared teacher by the students, active from 2007 to 2011.

At that time he had made headlines with the constant discussions Marco Carta. After the show he often talked about his protégés, often also left some caustic statements.

Among other things, Amici’s former teacher had battled some increasingly common behaviors during the evening phase. For example the possibility of allowing students to insert their bars into already known piecesand called this choice “abominable”.

Recently via a TikTok, Luke Jurman pointed out one detail of one episode that hasn’t gone unnoticed. According to the musician and record producer, the students would sing in Playblack:

But do Amici’s singers sing in playback? Check out the Friends video to see what I found. On January 11th, I was online on Twitch and commented on the January 8th episode of Friends. In the evening there was a competition to participate. During the performance of Federica I became suspicious because of my sensitivity to experience and listening.

I have a hunch I don’t want to say. A very bad suspicion. I found the voice too compact and precise when mastered, so I immediately thought he was singing on playback. And unfortunately I was right.

Technically it took a few steps, but in the high parts I not only heard the autotune, but as if it were in playback. In fact, after the live, I received a notification on Twitch that I had heard a song that had been circulating since the 10th, i.e. the day before. And it was the disk file that was already on the market. If you’re sick now you can be there, but not to the competition for the evening. They could have explained it as there were judges evaluating the boys’ performance to then decide who would go. Like a ballet promotional video being judged on the dance and not the student’s live performance. Would you have noticed?