Francos de Montréal: Enchanting Yseult

Francos de Montréal: Enchanting Yseult

Both gentle and powerful, Yseult presented a most captivating concerto with piano part at Francos de Montréal on Wednesday night.

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On the huge stage of the symphony house, the grand piano, the only instrument in the room – apart from the organ that occupies the premises – seems very small. Then, after 9:15 p.m., Yseult took the stage in a halo of light and a long-sleeved white gown reminiscent of a gospel choir’s toga. His voice is huge.

Firmly grounded, the singer captivated from start to finish. His intimate and powerful songs, halfway between trap and French variety – performed in an acoustic version for this show – echoed with beauty through a nearly full house. This ingenious way of playing also lends a lot of impact to his texts, some of which are heavy with meaning.

The artist, muse of L’Oréal Paris for a year, offered a sober concert, but not without tenderness. With her charisma and desire to break the codes of “beauty” and popular aesthetics, she was brilliant at captivating and making the crowd shudder, who repeatedly gave her loud applause and gave her an ovation even before she took the first notes of her recital.

Revealed during her appearance on French talent show Nouvelle Star – in which she reached the final – Yseult has had several a la carte songs and mini-albums under the label she founded since the release of her first full album in 2014 qu released. YYY, including Noir (2019) and Brut (2020). With these EPs, too, the young singer managed to break away from the electro-pop style she adopted at the beginning of her career.

She presented these pieces on Wednesday at the Maison Symphonique. The singer demonstrated her vocal abilities – one of the most versatile – with amazing ease, toying with the melodies and rhythm of her often-revised songs, including INDÉLÉBILE and SEXE. The softly a capella sung BAD BOY, CORPS and Nothing to proof could have heard a pin drop in the first verse, for which the audience rose again from their seats and applauded.

Between two sentimental ballads, the French-born singer-songwriter of Cameroonian parents slips into refreshing moments of humour, which the always very attentive audience laughs at.

Leading up to her debut on the stages of the Maison Symphonique de Montréal, vocalist Naomi made sure to warm up the room. The young woman received the mandate after meeting the French singer on the set of Star Académie last March. She was then one of the artist’s dancers.

Yseult will be at Lac-Drolet in Estrie on August 20th.