François Legault: the winning combination |

François Legault: the winning combination |

In about three weeks, our party leaders will officially go on an election campaign tour. Therefore, I will devote my next five columns to the presentation as I see it. Their qualities, their slippery slopes, their relationship with Quebecers, I’ll give you my personal vision of these characters who will soon have the fight of their lives.


Credit where credit is due, I will begin the exercise with the outgoing Prime Minister François Legault. A simple man who was successful in his family and in business.

He has got a solid number. In my view, it’s not the brilliance of her record that makes her stand out. His record is correct, nothing more. The improvement in Quebec’s economic position deserves a good mark, but nothing is decided yet in a sector like healthcare.

I have often repeated that the CAQ’s strength stems from an ideal political positioning: economy and nationalism in one bottle. A magic potion! let’s think about it For half a century, PQ members who carried the nationalist banner clashed with liberals who carried the economic credibility.

In less than ten years, the CAQ has managed to steal the political label from these two giants. This achievement explains the impressive surveys collected by the CAQ during its mandate.

François Legault himself perfectly embodies this combination of economics and nationalism. Coming from the business world, he is associated with the founding of Air Transat, a Quebec flagship. And he is a real nationalist. A former PQ member, his language and attitude are steeped in Quebec nationalism when addressing subjects such as the French language or national history.

His war machine

With his CAQ, François Legault was able to build an entire war machine. Despite numerically limited militancy (the CAQ has a lower mobilization capability than Québec solidaire), political action is effective. Through the use of new technology and the abundance of polls, this party has learned how to win elections.

François Legault has also shown good attraction. In 2018 he surfed on the quality of the candidate team he was able to assemble. Back then, these people had to trust the chief. It was far from obvious that he was going to win. This year the operation was facilitated by good surveys.

It has become impossible to paint a portrait of François Legault without naming Martin Koskinen. He’s no longer just a cabinet director, he’s an alter ego. When Legault built the CAQ, he was the architect. He followed, advised, encouraged him through all the successes and failures of the last decade. He is involved in all his decisions. I have often seen prime ministers have close advisers, but rarely so many and for so long.

The mistakes

Francois Legault makes mistakes. Bad jokes, twisted explanations, it’s part of the character now. So far, a degree of humility and frequent apologies have passed the towel. On the eve of a new campaign, this remains a risk factor.

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