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François Legault, a Prime Minister without words! – The Journal de Montreal

From my father, a man with little education, I learned that one must respect the word given. Written promises were not his strength, but his word was worth its weight in gold because he achieved what he set out to do.

I have worked in the union world for over 30 years. Although some talk about the thickness of collective agreements, not everything can be written. There were regular verbal agreements between management and trade union parties.

However, I can’t remember any progress that embarrassed us. Each time, the parties respected their word and the confidentiality of the exchange. The same cannot be said of our Prime Minister, who keeps his promises and it is hard to believe him when he proclaims his sincerity.

Hand on heart, he claims that when he makes a commitment, he intends to fulfill it. The abandonment of the third tier, the failure to reform the electoral method, his weakness compared to Ottawa in obtaining new powers and many other problems that were not implemented make him appear more like a Tartuffe.

Reform of the electoral system

Can we believe in the sincerity of a man who twice signed agreements with other political parties to change the electoral system if he came to power and who ultimately gave up on the idea?

In this case, these are written commitments and the word to political opponents and activists for reform of the electoral system. There is no other possible interpretation than that of a Prime Minister who has misled his interlocutors and places little value on honesty and integrity in his governance.

When he was in opposition, François Legault’s attacks on the Liberals’ lack of ethics and their too many political appointments were fierce. Now that he is in power, ethics have become more important and there are numerous political positions in François Legault’s party.

The CAQ has gone deep into electoral support by promising people what they want without guaranteeing delivery!

Foul play

Those around the Prime Minister probably feared that the PQ candidate in the Jean Talon by-election would reveal the contents of the discussions he had had with the CAQ, particularly about the abandonment of the third link.

Since the CAQ wanted to defeat its opponent before the duel began, it attacked with the conviction that this would fatally damage Pascal Paradis’s credibility.

However, the strategy backfired. It is Prime Minister Legault’s credibility that has suffered in recent days because more and more people believe that he is lying about the moment he abandoned the idea of ​​the third connection.

It is difficult to believe a person for whom his signature and his word have no value!

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