Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi are expecting a child social

“Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi are expecting a child”, social media has gone crazy: secret revealed Teller

The attention paid to Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi is such that numerous theories appear online, very often unrelated to the reality of the facts.

This brought us to the subject of the pregnancy of the ex-Captain of Rome’s partner, who is therefore awaiting another child after the two had Ilary Blasi, Chanel and Cristian from his ex-wife. The gossip news was started by a show and gossip site, but more than a leak it would be a real invention.

Noemi Bocchi pregnant: fake news

As is often the case when we talk about Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi, the source reported is that of a dear friend, Alex Nuccetelliwho has published several statements about the now ex-couple over time.

His name also pops up this time in relation to Noemi Bocchi’s alleged pregnancy, giving users a vague reference to Pupone’s boyfriend, who would have been interviewed by Diva and Donna.

However, Alex Nuccetelli has not spoken to the weekly for many months, explaining how a scoop based on nothing was attempted, his words artfully mixed and imaginatively interpreted.

Noemi Bocchi is not pregnant, so it’s good to clarify this. No announcement was made and Francesco Totti’s friend never commented to that effect, which is clarified with some Instagram stories.

Francesco Totti is expecting a child: Alex Nuccetelli speaks

An incredulous Alex Nuccetelli hits the fake news of Noemi Bocchi’s pregnancy. It’s not true that Francesco Totti is expecting another child and it wasn’t him who started the rumor.

There’s talk of an interview with Diva and Donna, but it’s been four months since his last. What happened was that someone wanted to draw conclusions from his argument, in the course of which he mentioned the words marriage and children.

It is completely wrong that he was the one who launched this non-news, he explains, and generally attacks the newspapers, which no longer know what to write.

At the time of this interview, Alex Nuccetelli had commented on this Possibility of marriage between Francesco Totti and Noemi Bocchi: “I said that I think it’s more plausible that they are planning a possible child in their future than a wedding.”

The close friend of Ilary Blasi’s ex-husband then published some examples of posts reporting fake news, which is certainly not the only one circulating on the net about the couple and the Totti-Blasi family in general.

Just think of the meticulous analysis of Chanel Totti’s social profiles, who, despite being just 15 years old, finds herself at the center of heated discussions about whether or not she’s engaged. A video on TikTok shows her dancing with friends, and a simple gesture has been transformed into something else.

It is assumed that she has a boyfriend, since a boy shows her a tender gesture. A life under the lens and a vast array of fingers ready to type up indiscretions that are often nothing more than inventions.