Francesco Oppini presents the new girlfriend: announcement, photos and farewell to Cristina Tomasini

Francesco Oppini presents the new girlfriend: announcement, photos and farewell to Cristina Tomasini


Alba Parietti’s son found love again after the end of the love story with Cristina Tomasini: so he went public

Francesco Oppini presents the new girlfriend announcement photos and farewell

Released on July 31, 2022

Love goes, love comes. Francesco Oppini, diedAfter ending ties with Cristina Tomasini — it’s not clear who left whom, but that the love story shipwrecked last spring — he found peace and sentimental refreshment. The former competitor of Big Brother VIP 5 came out with the new flame. who is it about Of Francesca, a blonde woman, fascinated, with a sweet smile and far from the world of entertainment. Rumors have been circulating for a few weeks that this mysterious woman is working with Alba Parietti’s son. Now comes the confirmation of the person concerned, who has published a clear photo on Instagram in the past few hours, making the love story official.

“And then when she arrives…”, the caption with which Oppini presented Francesca through an IG story. All decorated with an ultra-romantic carpet of music, this is Diodato’s piece “Make Noise”. Several fans of the sports commentator had suspected for days that there was a certain love rush in the air. In fact, the most observant have noticed that the woman and Francesco have been together a lot lately. For example, she appeared in some of his Instagram stories while he was taking care of his cat.

Francesco Oppini hugs with Francesca

And again, Francesca was noticed in other videos and social shots in the group historical friends of Oppini. But there is more: at the moment Francesco is spending some vacation days in sanremo. And of course Francesca is with him. Further proof of the spark between the two is that the former tenant of the GF Vip visited his uncle and father a few days ago, accompanied by the blonde woman with a sweet smile. Which leads to the assumption that the presentations in family.

What concerns instead Cristina Tomasini, all is calm. Both she and Francesco have never publicly declared their split, although there’s no mistaking the split between late winter and early spring. The causes that led to the fact that the relationship ended in impasse thus remain unknown.