Francesco Chiofalo, the sad outburst of his girlfriend Drusilla Gucci: “I don’t want to sleep with you anymore”

Francesco Chiofalo, the sad outburst of his girlfriend Drusilla Gucci: “I don’t want to sleep with you anymore”

No time for the couple: the former protagonist of Tempation Island and La Pupa and Il Secchione show accused by the beautiful great-granddaughter of Guccio Gucci.

New moment from Crisis for the couple Francesco Chiofalo and Drusilla Gucci.

Francesco Chiofalo, his girlfriend Drusilla Gucci’s sad outburst: “I don’t want to sleep with you anymore!”

The former progonist of Temptation Island and La Pupa, as well as the nerd and great-granddaughter of the founder of the famous fashion house, formerly shipwrecked on the island of the famous 15, together since last summer, have fallen into a crisis after participating Chiofalo in the broadcast of D’Urso. As a “baby,” Lenticchio paid too much attention to the red-light actress Malenaarouses the anger of Gucci who has returned to thunder against her boyfriend in Di Più magazine.

The beautiful 28-year-old from Tuscany actually gave herself an ultimatum Francisreleasing one Letter very bitter taste:

“I would like to see a few steps forward in the relationship, otherwise I’m also ready to leave you. Just the physical relationship is no longer enough for me, it’s also taking my head.”

“You promised me you would read a little to find out, you didn’t even recognize Garibaldi in La Pupa and the Nerdy, but you didn’t respond to any of my requests. I think it’s better to put a stop to our physical approaches because I need attention of a different kind.”

there Gucci he also apparently asked to remove the gym equipment from the patio of his Roman home to convert it into a greenhouse, a request the Roman personal trainer was not at all enthusiastic about, ignoring the question.

The young heiress also confirmed that she has with Francis a great sexual understanding, but it seems that this can no longer be enough to lay the foundations for a future together:

“I felt the need to find another form of intimacy, the spiritual one. And I hope this can lead you to enter my world.”

At the moment, Francesco Chiofalo He has not yet commented on or responded to his fiancee’s statements.