Francesco Arca tells Le Iene his drama: the comment of ex Laura Chiatti    Gossip and television

Francesco Arca tells Le Iene his drama: the comment of ex Laura Chiatti Gossip and television


The actor, one of Men and Women’s most well-known former Tronistas, engaged in a very intimate monologue on TV

Francesco Arca tells Le Iene his drama the comment of

Released on January 17, 2023

Franz Ark protagonist a hyenas. The actor, cast in Fosca Innocenti on Canale 5 and many other hit TV series, told his life story in an intimate and very touching monologue. The former Tronista of men and women He grew up in an all-female family of mother, grandmother and sister: he lost his father at an early age.

A drama which made him stronger, which led him to a greater sensitivity towards the female sex in particular. “My women taught me everything, especially how to be in touch with my emotions,” said Francesco Arca, stressing that I’m not Alpha male that everyone has long believed.

“In my life I have chosen to accept my fears, my fragility. and accept that there will always be someone better than me. I have chosen to accept who I am, with my fears and my fragility. Try it yourself,” advised Francesco Arca al audience of hyenas.

The interpreter also revealed that he is touched every time he sees the photos of him Children Maria Sole and Brando Maria, had by his partner Irene Capuano and getting into a crisis when he has to give an interview or talk about his private life. In short, a fragile man like many others.

Francesco Arca’s monologue in Le Iene was loved by the audience, but mostly by Laura Chiatti, former historian of the Tuscan actor. The blonde interpreter commented on her ex-boyfriend’s TV appearance on Instagram with the sweet comment: “You are magical”. There was no lack of reactions from Irene Capuano, who wrote instead: “Proud of you”.

The private life of Francesco Arca and Laura Chiatti

Even if they are not married yet, the relationship between Francesco Arca and Irene Capuano it’s been going great for a while. As of 2010, the couple have two children together: Maria Sole, 7, and Brando Maria, 5. The couple have always kept their distance from gossip and the former suitor of men and women has proved to be one more present over the years and indispensable sidekick for his companion.

Here, too, things are moving forward at full steam Wedding between Laura Chiatti and Marco Bocci. Recently there was talk of a crisis between the two actors, but the couple only moved away for professional reasons. During this time they work on their first film together: Bocci as director, Chiatti as leading actress.

Married since 2014 – after a lightning engagement – Marco Bocci and Laura Chiatti are parents of Aeneas8 years old and Pablo7.

The relationship between Laura Chiatti and Irene Capuano

Laura Chiatti gets along very well Irene Capuano, Francesco Arca’s partner. The two frequently exchange compliments and advice, both privately and publicly on social media. Excellent sentiment also between the Tuscan actor and Marco Boccia: When the latter ended up in the hospital due to herpes in the brain, he could count on the support and assistance of Arca, who rushed to his bedside.