Francesca Neri the terrible disease the causes are still unknown

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The wife of the actor Claudio Amendola suffers from a terrible disease that causes her great suffering. Why is?

Francesca Neri she is one of the most beautiful women on Italian television; wife of an equally charming man, Claudio Amendola, established actor. The two have been close-knit lovers for many years, now in their 25s, and together they have a son, Rocco, who is now 23.

Francesca Neri short story -SolospettacoloFrancesca Neri – solo spettacolo

But as he also tells in his book Come carne viva, the beautiful Francesca suffers as a result severe disease who she has struggled with for a long time and has kept her away from the scene for years since it struck her in 2015. But what is that?

Francesca Neri: Claudio’s illness and love

In an interview with Verissimo a few months ago, Claudio Amendola spoke about it: “Francesca is fighting. She fought, she fought with herself, with her body, with her body. And if you are a very intelligent person, you can also find a reason in sickness, in bad times, to seek strength and then to feel good. When it’s not a definite illness, when you have nothing that you can recognize, but you have difficulty going through your days, a physical difficulty because it’s a great physical pain that you’re kind of trying to understand”.

The illness that struck Francesca is this interstitial cystitis, a chronic inflammation of the bladder that causes severe pain due to the thinning of the tissues lining the walls so attacked by the acids in the urine. Because the treatments aren’t bacterial in origin, it’s a combination of drugs, but it’s not easy to diagnose.

During some interviews, Amendola’s wife admitted that she even thought about it Suicide, as in Corriere: “I spent months playing burraco online at night. My lockdown lasted three years. And when it came to everyone, I did better with the pandemic because I shared the situation of others. Actually, I was gone for three years, but I was there, I was there in their house, and that’s the scariest thing. I toyed with the idea of Suicide”.

How are you today

Francesca has not recovered, as she admitted: “The acute phase lasted three years, I’m not out. it doesn’t heal: You learn to deal with it and not to provoke it so that it does not become incapacitated “and also for this reason he wanted to tell his story in the book that will appear in a few days.

Claudio Amendola Francesca Neri Disease - SolospettacoloClaudio Amendola and Francesca Neri Solospettacolo

However, she can count on the love and support of her husband, who confessed to crying while reading: “I read it and I cried a lot. Of joy and pain. It is the demonstration of great intelligence, sensitivity and courage. Being by her side was my job and that was what I had to do. It wasn’t difficult, it was much more difficult for her”.

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