1674375145 Francesca Fagnani I dont miss children and sometimes I betrayed

Francesca Fagnani: «I don’t miss children and sometimes I betrayed them. But I’m not bad»

warning – Francesca Fagnani She’s so good at her job — the way she combines preparation, rhythm and boldness she hasn’t seen on TV in years — that it overshadows her success beastson Rai2, giving space to the voices that give her the registered letter because she has been the companion of a champion like for ten years Henry Mentana, is nonsense worthy of the many keyboard lions that animate social networks. However, Fagnani made one condition for the publication of the interview that you are about to read – hopefully until the end – no questions about Mentana. It’s not the best, but she certainly didn’t invent the rules of engagement. Sometimes they are accepted, sometimes not. In this case a few days off festivalThere are.

Sanremo 2023, not just Ferragni and Fagnani. Amadeus: “There will be other important female presences”. The Toto names

Does he have to emancipate himself from something?
«Yes, from the pressure of always having to live up to what I do. But I was like that in high school, too: I wanted a 60 for my high school diploma, a 110 cum laude for my high school diploma, and so on. I’m a perfectionist. Very mangy.”
Who do you owe the most thanks?
“To my. They have always supported me, even when I chose Lettere and effectively went down the path of unemployment ».
What was by far the most important meeting for you?
«The one with Michele Santoro. It gave my whole life a different direction. I went to journalism university with him».
How and when did you help organize the second evening of the festival?
«Two days before Amadeus launched Viva Rai2! by Fiorello (last December 5, ed.). He texted me and asked if we could talk. I immediately thought of Sanremo, but for a while I was afraid he was looking for me, because I soliti ignoti. When he told me everything, I spontaneously agreed.”
Like her, there’s influencer and successful entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni; black and gay athlete Paola Egonu, who suffers from all kinds of prejudice; and actress Chiara Francini, close to the Lgbtq+ world. Will you be at the festival in intellectual quota? Nervous? Or others?
‘Intellectually, no, please. Journalist. Of the other three I only know Chiara, very nice and very good».
What is your favorite movie or series?
“She came to Beasts.”

Francesca Fagnani I dont miss children and sometimes I betrayed
The role that impressed you the most?
«Many… I don’t remember…».
What will he do at the Ariston?
«I will be in the service of the festival. There haven’t been any meetings yet, I think the focus will be on spontaneity. The jokes will be mine. I will live the experience…».
Could he also sing or dance?
“I’m upset and can’t move.”
Perhaps a speech along the lines of the engaging and personal one given by Rula Jebreal or Barbara Palombelli, your colleagues at the 2020 and 2021 festival?
“I will not seek applause, but I will do something that I feel for myself and that I would like to say.”
He says superfucks.
“I know. In Rai they told me not to talk… Drusilla Foer, on the other hand, advised me to think of a person who loves me at home. To be honest, I don’t think Sanremo will change my life. Me live it as a recognition and right after I go back to my usual life».
However, there is one change: On February 21, “Belve” returns to Rai2 in prime time.
“It’s true. There will be five appointments.».
do you have an agent now
“No. I have a lawyer who follows the contracts for me».
Have you been recognized on the street lately?
«A little, but certainly there are no crowds».
In 2021, he gave the hyenas a monologue on the subject of workplace sexual harassment: Have You Ever Suffered?
And also that of women who earn less than men: how much does she earn now?
“I am not complaining”.
What is your salary in Sanremo?
«How bad to talk about money…».
And why?
“I would have gone to the festival for free.”
Will she do charity work like Chiara Ferragni, who donates all of them to the DiRe association, women online against violence?
“Your gesture is a beautiful gesture, but I grew up in a family that has always given what it can throughout the year. My father, 85 years old, went to the post office a few days ago to pay the last bill».
What was your father’s job?
“Military. He was part of the Vatican gendarmerie».
What is your most common and annoying misunderstanding?
“If they say I’m bad. It is not true. And I also hate prejudices».
Biggest mistake so far?
“That I gave up a relaxed relationship with my mother, who died in 2015 (editor’s note) and neglected her a bit. It’s the same with my father now. When you work like that, time flies by.”
The first thing you want to say to your mother right now?
“Did you see mom?”
Is it for the politically correct?
“For nothing”.
Did you give up maternity leave for a specific reason?
“No one. It hasn’t happened to me, I don’t miss it and I think we can be happy without kids.”
Does he google his name on the internet?
“No, but on social networks I read what people say about me”.
Stupidest thing you do online?
«Before going to sleep, when I’m stressed, I look at Fatto’s recipes in Casa da Benedetta on Instagram: they hypnotize me like a mantra».
As he was talking about going to bed, a recent study by American professor Terry Fischer of the University of Ohio says that men think about sex 18 times a day and women 10 times: they?
“I would say they are average. Are you suggesting I watch porn?”
I would never allow myself to. If anything, the practices of the past.
“Ahahahaha. Sure, but I only look at the recipes when I’m downstairs and they’re way better than a tavor».
Has she gone that far or was she abandoned?
“I gave up more.”
And did he betray many?
“I’m not a serial cheater, but I can’t say I ever have. I’m not a saint.”
Have they ever asked you to marry?
“A few times, but I ran away. I don’t believe in eternal love.”
If after Sanremo they offer you everything in the world of entertainment: what do you do, do you accept? After all, journalists do everything…
“They already offered it to me and I turned it down. Sure, better than throwing yourself into politics…”.
What did he say no to?
“You do not say”.
Would “Dancing with the Stars” do that?
‘No, even if I like it. I’m a journalist and certain choices would sap the strength of what I love to do».
So, did Luisella Costamagna, who won this year, make a mistake?
“No. She didn’t investigate.”
What do you think of Giovanna Civitillo, former dancer and wife of Amadeus, who will also be Vita in Direct correspondent at the festival this year?
“I don’t know her. If she’s good, it’s only right that she works. TV doesn’t tell you: you don’t go anywhere without talent”.
When you think of the Ariston stage, what scares you the most?
«The management of emotions. And fall down the stairs like everyone else.”