Francesca Chillemi speaks It changed her life

Francesca Chillemi speaks: It changed her life

A candid interview for Francesca Chillemi, who is at the center of the fiction Viola come il mare these days. Talk about the event that changed your life.

There’s a lot of talk these days Francesca Chillemiwhich just debuted in Prime time on Canale 5 with Viola come il mare, pending fiction on Friday. A very welcome return for many, that of the Sicilian ex-Miss Italy in 2003. At her side Can Yaman, speaks of great beauties. However, the Turkish actor didn’t break his heart at being happily engaged Stephen RossoEntrepreneur and son of Renzo, founder of clothing brand Diesel.

The two celebrated the 6th birthday of their daughter, little Rania. An event that changed Chillemi’s life, as she herself said with great sincerity in an interview with the weekly newspaper Grazia. “I’m emotionally content with my young daughter, I seem to love her more than myself. Of course, like all working moms, Feelings of guilt have also come when I’m not with her. Until he was 5 years old he traveled with me, followed my work, but now with school his stability is important and my decisions have to take that into account as well. I prefer projects that make me want to stay closer to home. And if I can’t, I immediately join my daughter, who has an extraordinary father, in my free time. With him an iron pact: together with Rania there must always be at least one parent”.

A moment of great change in her life that made her more aware, as she always explains to Grazia. “When Rania was born six years ago, I didn’t want to be alone the first night in the hospital. I felt a great and new sense of responsibility. That night I realized that I could share this responsibility with the baby’s father. I realized I was lucky. There are women who can’t do that and raise their children on their own. You have all my solidarity. At that moment I felt stronger than before. A feeling of strength that lasts to this day. And then I changed emotionally“.