Four years in prison for repeat domestic violence offender

Four years in prison for repeat domestic violence offender

A repeat domestic violence offender who showed “absolute submission” to his wife — despite believing he had a life-or-death right over her — was given an initial four-year sentence while awaiting trial, an additional sentence two other spouses for abuse.

Mike Olivier exercised “total control” over his spouse for 40 months, using physical and psychological violence, but also economic and geographic violence, Judge Thomas Jacques argued. He went so far as to control her meals, her exit from the bedroom, and even where she slept.

Taking advantage of the fact that the victim was only 14 when their relationship began, Olivier was able to weave the web of a relationship of dominance and submission. The victim had even signed a contract allowing the defendant to control his every move.

“I didn’t have much of a choice in writing this work,” the victim testified.

When she wasn’t a “good girl,” Mike Olivier would slap his wife in the face, tie her to a leash, or make her sleep naked on the bedroom carpet and forbid her to freeze.

right to live

The now 30-year-old man felt he had carte blanche for his young wife’s life. “That means for him: right to life or death,” said Judge Jacques.

However, the accused has no remorse after the measures taken, he does not intend to file for divorce with the young woman he married in 2019. “He says he always looked out for his well-being,” the judge said, saying that he was “stunned” by the defendant’s statement.

The new charges of coercive detention, assault and threat of death carried a 48-month prison sentence. However, Mike Olivier is not yet at the end of his sentences as he was found guilty of domestic violence against two other spouses between 2011 and 2015 and is due to receive his sentence this fall.

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