Four friends who drug their wives and watch them rape

Four friends who drug their wives and watch them rape each other’s partners face jail

Four friends who drugged their wives, watched them rape each other’s partners and then congratulated each other on their “good show” face jail time in Singapore.

A woman was raped unconscious multiple times by different men over a period of at least seven years after being drugged and blindfolded by her husband, reports Channel News Asia.

The case came about when the woman found nude pictures of herself chatting on her husband’s phone.

The four men, who were given gag orders by the court, pleaded guilty Monday to two counts each of conspiracy to commit rape, with various other charges being considered.

They are K, M, L and N.

According to Channel News Asia, the main accomplice linked to their cases is a fifth man, J, who married his wife in 2008 and with whom he shares four children.

K, M, L and N each pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy to commit rape, with various other charges being considered. The case came about when a woman found nude pictures of herself chatting on her husband’s phone

The court heard the men met their respective accomplices online in 2010, on the Sammyboy forum and other platforms dedicated to woman-sharing fantasies.

The court also heard the men chatted about such fantasies, exchanging details of their sex lives and sharing explicit footage and images with one another.

J, 41, previously tried to get his wife to watch porn videos to see if she was up for a threesome.

His wife stated that she was definitely against the idea.

After that, J allegedly had a plan to sedate his wife so other men could have sex with her.

J met K, 44, married with no children and worked in business development at Sammyboy from 2010-2011.

They agreed to give their wives a tranquilizer so other men could rape them.

After doing some research, they settled on a drug they knew could render a person unconscious.

Using the drug he acquired from J, K put it in his wife’s alcohol shortly before 2012.

He blindfolded his wife after she lost consciousness and told J to come over.

J then raped K’s wife while K watched and photographed. They then repeated this act in 2012.

In February 2013, J’s wife noticed that she felt ill and J took this opportunity to give her the drug before letting K rape her.

J set up a surveillance camera in his bedroom to live stream nude photos of his wife and his sex life.

K also streamed live from a webcam in his bedroom.

Prosecutors said that after seeing this, the men sometimes congratulated each other for a “nice show.”

After their crimes, the two men shared images of sexual assault and rape and “continued to remember” their crimes, prosecutors said.

The conversations between the men led to J’s wife discovering the crimes in January 2020.

J was asleep when his wife found a video on his phone and then his Skype conversation with K.

The messages contained explicit images of her and older messages showed the men had exchanged their wives for sex.

After J’s wife woke him up, he deleted the incriminating chats and visited K’s house with his wife as she requested.

During the conversation, K said he had sex with J’s wife while she was unconscious.

K also admitted to knocking out his own wife so that J could have intercourse with her.

J’s wife filed a police report on January 2, 2020.

Footage and photographs taken by police of both men led to the identification of others who took part in the activities.

Another man in the group of four, L, 52, who was a business development manager and had three children with his wife, met K online between 2010 and 2011, then J.

J sedated his wife in 2013 before L raped her while J was recording.

M, 45, who was the CEO of the company and had three children, met J on Sammyboy in 2010.

That same year, J gave his wife medication after she said she felt ill, and when she was unconscious, JM called before M proceeded to rape his wife.

The fourth man, N, 37, was a grocer and raped J’s wife between 2017 and 2018.

The three prosecutors handling the cases sought between 19 and 23 years’ imprisonment and 24 strokes of the cane for K and M.

They wanted 11 to 16.5 years in prison for L, with an additional six months in prison in lieu of caning.

They will also seek 17 to 21 years in prison and 24 canings for N, who had no partner, reports Channel News Asia.