Four festivals in eastern Quebec: stars everywhere

Four festivals in eastern Quebec: stars everywhere

Quebec, Lévis, Saint-Irénée, Rimouski: the simultaneous presentation of four festivals will land stars all over eastern Quebec next weekend.

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During Kaleo and Portugal. The Man will be the first to headline the new Cigale festival in Beauport Bay, Festivent will host Young The Giant, Cage The Elephant, Marie-Mai, the Strumbellas and Les Cowboys Fringants a few miles south in Lévis.

Zach Carothers from the band Portugal.  The Man, concert in Beauport Bay, Saturday.

Photo: AFP

Zach Carothers from the band Portugal. The Man, concert in Beauport Bay, Saturday.

At the same time, Les Grandes Fêtes Telus de Rimouski presents Les Trois Accords, temporarily replacing Les Cowboys Fringants, and three big American stars – The Chainsmokers, The Offspring and Flo Rida – while the Festival du Domaine Forget offers its Charlevois scene to Marc Hervieux, Ariane Moffatt and their guests of honor (see box).

Dexter Holland, lead singer of The Offspring, who will be touring Bas-du-Fleuve this weekend.

Photo: AFP

Dexter Holland, lead singer of The Offspring, who will be touring Bas-du-Fleuve this weekend.

The Quebec City region rarely hosts two events featuring international artists at the same time.

The Festivent’s general manager says he was “stunned” to learn that Cigale would be held at the same time as his event.

“We spoke to each other and realized there wasn’t much we could do at the point we were at. We told each other that we would do what we had to do. But we are no less good friends,” says Sébastien Huot.

No one was available on the Cigale side to grant us an interview.

sales are good

300 kilometers to the east, the head of the Grandes Fêtes Telus isn’t too worried about this festival backlog.

“There are two summer months and 250 festivals in Quebec. Inevitably some will be in the same dates. If you look at the numbers we have now, it doesn’t hurt,” says Sébastien Noël.

Same observation for the moment in Lévis. “We’re not sold out, but we’re doing our numbers. When I look at other festivals I’ve been to, a lot of people buy at the door compared to other years,” observes Sébastien Huot.

COVID: viewers decide

In any case, despite the many cases observed in the Quebec region related to the summer festival, the organizers do not intend to impose any measures against COVID-19.

“It’s up to the festival-goer to decide whether or not to wear the mask,” notes Sébastien Noël, a common position among festivals since the beginning of the summer.

However, in Quebec, Lévis and Rimouski, it is ensured that there will be sufficient disinfection and hand washing stations. At Cigale we point out that we will have a reserve of masks for festival goers who request them.

seen in the east


August 6th and 7thBeauport Bay

  • 6: Kaleo, City and Color
  • 7: Portugal. The man, Andy Grammer

Full program below


Aug. 3-7Champigny Park and Juvenat Notre-Dame, Lévis

  • 3: Young Giant, Elliot Maginot
  • 4: Cage of the Elephant, Cain
  • 5: Marie-Mai, 83, Souldia
  • 6: The Strumbellas, pirate heart
  • 7: Les Cowboys fringes, Salebarbes

Full program below festival.approx

Telus Holidays

4th to 7th AugustBeausejour Park, Rimouski

  • 4: The Three Agreements, Francois Bellefeuille
  • 5: The Chainsmokers
  • 6: The off spring
  • 7: Florida, Souldia

Full program below

Domaine Forget Festival

August 5th to 7thDomaine Forget, Saint-Irénée

  • 6: Marc Hervieux and the OSQ (with Florence K and Laurence Jalbert)
  • 7: Ariane Moffatt (with Alex McMahon, Joseph Marchand, Jean-Phi Goncalves and Marie-Pierre Arthur)

Full program below