Fortnite  How to complete Train Fight missions  Critical hits

Fortnite How to complete Train Fight missions Critical hits

In this guide we are going to show you how to complete the Train Fight missions in the new Dragon Ball event in Fortnite.

Goku and Vegeta have finally arrived in Fortnite and players will find some amazing abilities and items scattered across the map.

Fortnite How to complete “Train Fight” missions in the Dragon Ball event

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One of the event quest tabs in Fortnite is the “Train Battle”. Completing these quests will reward players with power levels that can be used to unlock some of Dragon Ball’s cosmetic items.

See how players can complete missions “Train Battle” from Dragon Ball:

  • Complete the “Zugkampf” tasks (0/3)
  • Phase 1 of 3 Participate in a versus fight in different matches (0/2)
  • Damage enemy players with Kamehameha (0/300)
  • Damage an enemy player before taking damage in different games (0/3)
  • Stage 1 of 2 Win a versus match (0/1)

Complete three quests “Train Battle” will reward players with a Dragon Ball.

Some of these quests are divided into several phases and you have to participate in them and win one of them fight against. They are similar to the reward system in Fortnite and players need to find one reward board activate one fight against in the game.

Use the Kamehameha can be tricky as it takes a while for the energy beam to release. Because this attack takes time, opponents can easily shoot at players to take them out midattack. Keep your distance from your opponent before attacking them and try to drop them behind cover.

It’s important to remember that all opponents will attempt to complete these challenges in order to earn Dragon Ball cosmetic rewards. Make sure you land in a safe place and collect weapons before getting into any fights.

Always keep an eye out for Capsule Corporation capsules falling from the sky as you might find them Kamehameha It is a Flying Cloud (Kintoun) from them.

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