Former Televisa actress Allisson Lozz admits if she regrets getting married at a young age

Former Televisa actress Allisson Lozz admits if she regrets getting married at a young age

Posted in PROMIS on 08/19/2022 20:24

Mexico City.- The Exacteriz of TV, Allison Lozvia her social media, she revealed if she regrets getting married at the age of 18 after a group of fans quizzed her in a question-and-answer game, in which she said the only bad thing about Above all, she did not enjoy her youth to take care of a family, both her husband and their daughters.

And it is that this year the Mexican actress celebrates 11 years of marriage alongside Eliu Gutiérrez, with whom she has already created a family that she cherishes very much, since she is already completely removed from the world of entertainment, although the one or other photo on their social networks It continues to cause talking to the press, but everything was with moderation because she is not a controversial character.

Allison Lozz and her family

Have you ever regretted getting married so young? Rather not enjoy your youth anymore?” they asked.

Because of these decisions in her life, she decided to leave television more than 10 years ago, this was at the peak of her career, it is worth noting that she was not short of work for that time, so she finally decided to refuse all possible suggestions to start a new life alongside her then-boyfriend, to whom she has always shown her affection.

She also argued that one of her dreams was to spend her youth alongside a life partner, so her regrets weren’t total as it’s worth noting that she currently has a good job, having become the global senior director of a recognized cosmetics line is , in addition to her two daughters by her side.

It has always been my dream to marry young and enjoy my youth but with a life partner.”

On the other hand, she advised the new generations not to marry under age and asks them to reconsider things, which she would not do, however, because she found the right person to do it.

Now I look at 18 year olds and say, ‘No, please don’t get married.’ It’s weird because I would do it again,” he said.

Source: Tribune