Former Paquita Barbara Borges defends Marlene Mattos I knew her

Former Paquita Bárbara Borges defends Marlene Mattos: ‘I knew her heart’ TV

Bárbara Borges began her career as Paquita de Xuxa at the age of 16. She recalls that Marlene Mattos’ rigor in dealing with the Paquitas was part of her job, but she still doesn’t complain about the former director. On the contrary: the actress keeps good memories and feels grateful for Marlene.

“It was a great school for me. I have absolutely no regrets. Was there a requirement? Was there! Was she pretty strict? That was her! But she had a purpose. And I managed to understand that purpose during and after that, after everything ended with maturity for me and my whole life. In my experience, there was nothing that could leave a pain or trauma,” she said in an interview with Metropoles’ Fábia Oliveira.

I am very grateful to Marlene. I learned a lot, grew a lot professionally and artistically. I also got to know another side of her, because up until then we had always expected the lashes, the fights, the demands… But I also got to know a side of her that was heart. And there have been several times that I’ve had their help, so I’m just really grateful for everything I’ve experienced.

The A Fazenda 14 champion also revealed that she was already hoping that Marlene and Xuxa would meet again one day and that her heart pounded at the moment even though it was painful for Xuxa.

“I was always like, ‘Wow, time flies and at some point I think there will be a time when they will meet again to have a dialogue.’ And I remember that when they started promoting Xuxa’s documentary, it transpired that they met again after 19 years on the documentary. That actually got my heart pumping, you know? …had to have it,” he said.

Iran Malfitano’s girlfriend added that she herself has been keen to maintain a good relationship with Marlene Mattos over the past few decades.

“My relationship with Marlene is good. I had no problem with her, I never stopped talking to her in the postPaquita years. I kept in touch and talked about her birthday, she already sent me happy birthday on my birthday…”

Bárbara said she is still friends with the other women who were Paquitas they have a WhatsApp group where they reminisce about the past and talk about their current life. The actress also claimed to keep in touch with Xuxa.

“I’ve worked on several soap operas where I’ve felt her affection and approval. On my way to A Fazenda I also had their support and their fans.