Former NFL WR Mike Williams death under investigation NBC

Former NFL WR Mike Williams’ death under investigation – NBC Sports

The death of former NFL receiver Mike Williams has brought several twists and turns. The latest is an eye opener.

Via Olivia George of the Tampa Bay Times. Police are investigating the death of Williams, who was initially injured in a construction accident last month.

According to the report, Williams’ grandmother and his daughter’s mother contacted Tampa police after they allegedly heard someone had brought the drug Percocet to Williams. it reportedly happened the same day Williams suffered cardiac arrest.

“The nature of the crime is under review,” Tampa police told the Times in an email. The Hillsborough County Medical Examiner’s office separately told the Times that the cause of death “requires further investigation” and that a case summary could not be released due to an “ongoing active criminal investigation.”

Three close friends of Williams told the Times that Williams received drugs from visitors.

Initial reports that Williams had died were false. And he was apparently not taken off life support as a precursor to his death; He was reportedly feeling better.

He then went into cardiac arrest, which may have been related to taking Percocet along with the medications he was prescribed during his hospital stay.

Hopefully the authorities will get to the bottom of the matter. If someone is responsible for Williams’ death, they must be held accountable for the situation.

Williams played for the Buccaneers and Bills from 2010 to 2014.