Former MPs remain loyal to their party despite polls

Former MPs remain loyal to their party despite polls

Former elected officials from the Liberals and the PQ from the Mauricie remain loyal to their political party, even if the polls are far from favorable for them.

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The former member of the PQ for Nicolet Michel Morin therefore admitted that he never considered any option other than that of the Parti Québécois (PQ).

“My binding remains intact. Yes indeed I am a Sovereignist. I am and will remain a separatist, a separatist,” he said.

However, for the first time, Michel Morin did not take an active part in a provincial election campaign, he had begun campaigning under the National Union.

Former PQ Minister Jean-Pierre Jolivet also remains on course. A poster of chef Paul St-Pierre Plamondon is also clearly visible outside his home.

“I say to myself: It’s definitely not easy. Even though it looks easy, it isn’t. It is not easy but on the other hand there is still hope,” said Mr Jolivet.

Former Trois-Rivières MP Paul Philibert, against all odds, still has the Liberal logo tattooed on his heart.

He admitted not even knowing the name of the Liberal candidate in the running, but assured that he would vote for him, if only to help publicize the party’s funding.

“I will vote for the institution in the sense that with the new party financing, the state finances are now financed according to the share of votes. So I’m going to add my small percentage of votes so the Liberal Party can have a bare minimum of resources to keep the flame going,” explained Paul Philibert.

Against all odds, Yvon Lemire, former Robert Bourassa MP in Saint-Maurice, remains steadfast. He primarily supports Dominique Anglade.

“I think she’s a woman of the future the way she works and she’s doing a good job. But it’s not easy at that time,” Yvon Lemire has to agree.