Former French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe comments on his change

Former French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe comments on his change in appearance

Former French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe spoke at length on Thursday about the alopecia he suffers from, a hair loss that has been widely commented on in the French political class and which he assured did not prevent him from “being very ambitious”. . [son] Country”.

“This is what’s happening to me: I’ve lost my eyebrows and I don’t think they’re coming back,” the former prime minister explained while removing his glasses in an interview with BFMTV from his office at Le Havre City Hall.

“My beard has turned white, it’s falling out a little, and so is my hair. The mustache is gone, I don’t know if it will come back, but I would be surprised,” he said. “I have what is called alopecia,” continued Mr. Philippe.

This is the first time Édouard Philippe has spoken on TV about this autoimmune disease that affects the hair system.

“I would have liked (..) maybe hoped that it wouldn’t be an issue. But I have to state that there are many people in good faith who are looking at me, who see that, who are wondering,” acknowledged Mr Philippe, whose changing features have prompted a series of comments and speculation in the political Class, especially in the majority.

“You’ll always find people who are a little unhappy to explain that there must be something more serious behind it. Such is life,” swept the mayor of Le Havre.

But “there are many people who experience much more difficult things in France”. And “I suffer from this at the age of 52. (…) A teenager, a teenager suffering from alopecia at 15, that’s a completely different story”, “I’m lucky”, he said.

“It is useful to say that alopecia is something that can start very young or very old, that it is hair loss. That it is neither painful, nor dangerous, nor contagious, nor serious.” And “I am fortunate (…) to be able to say to those who suffer from alopecia that it is not how we look at them that matters, but how they look at them are”.

Can this illness hinder the rest of his political career, especially in view of a presidential election in 2027?

“I don’t think so at all,” he replied. “That doesn’t stop me from being very ambitious for my city. That doesn’t stop me from being extremely ambitious for my country.”

“I think that the French can be curious about what is happening, asking,” acknowledges the mayor of Le Havre, who declares himself “in total transparency” and does not intend “to happen [son] also time to talk about it. Once again it’s a hair story, it’s okay what!