Former edian opens up on fight before arrest Ive been

Former edian opens up on fight before arrest: ‘I’ve been drinking. I confess’

Filipe Pontes, 36, was arrested on Saturday (31st) in Ribeirão Preto (SP) and accused of assaulting his own mother, Silvania Pontes, 57. According to the SSP (Secretary of Public Security), she filed an application for protective measures against the child.

in conversation with syringesHowever, the artist denied hitting her but confirmed the conversation he had with his brother João, 21, after drinking alcohol. He reports that he came to his mother’s house to discuss differences in their business with his brother.

“We have a company together. I didn’t like that he hid some of my information from my older brother. I drank. I confess. What was supposed to be a conversation turned into an argument over drinking. My mother came to separate us but the screaming prompted the neighbors to call the police,” he said.

In a video posted to social media, Silvania said her son came home “changed, drunk and talking loudly” and raised his voice after he asked to be a little quieter.

“It turned into a fight between the two brothers. And I was afraid of a fight, I went to the middle to end it. I got pushed and stuff. There was a quarrel in the house, a quarrel. At no point did Filipe hit me,” he added. The comedian’s mother.

Filipe also stated that he exchanged slaps with his brother, but that they didn’t come out in one fell swoop. “Nothing. Just clap here and clap there. No dispute. Only the shouting and noise drew the attention of the neighbors.”

The court ordered Filipe’s provisional release after a detention hearing took place on the same day as his arrest. However, as a precaution, the judge prohibited the comedian from approaching his mother.

“I respect justice, but everyone has family problems. I tell her all my problems. She is my partner, my friend. It happened. This is family,” the artist commented on the decision of the SP Court.

protective measure

According to journalist Leo Dias, in October 2021, the comedian’s mother filed an application for protective measures against her son after he altered and destroyed objects and furniture at home. Some time later, however, she would have given up the action.

When asked about the issue, the artist said there was a disagreement with his mother at the time and deemed the behavior immature. “I had a disagreement at the time. I found out about her betrayal of my father and I was very angry. But nothing that is a problem. Everything is resolved.”