Forget the son and the keys in the car smash

Forget the son and the keys in the car: smash the windshield to save him. VIDEO

A Man he realized just in time that he had left that Son Locked in automobile during a wave of heat almost 40 degrees. The incident happened in a supermarket parking lot in Harlingen, Texas.

Unfortunately, accidents of this kind are commonplace and a few minutes is enough to ruin a life forever. This became clear to the man who, at the most dramatic moment, used every object he had on hand to wreck his car and save his son.

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The little one’s father realized he had accidentally left the baby in the car and ran for cover, breaking the windshield glass. The video went viral on social media.

@lindahdz91 Baby locked in car. I hope the baby is fine. I’m not sure which vehicle or whose baby it is. #awarness #baby #harlingen #956 ♬ Original sound – User4362240051779

The rescue

A group of people immediately rushed over to help the man. Using various tools, they smashed the windshield in just a few seconds and saved the little one.

Police and first responders arrived at the scene of the accident within minutes and treated the child immediately. Harlingen Police said the parents left their keys in the car and their child with them.

Rene Perez, director of transportation at South Texas Emergency Care, said parents did “the right thing” by immediately calling 911: “When you have a child, especially a child in a vehicle like this, 10 minutes is too much.”

According to initial information, the child’s state of health appears to be in the best possible condition. Parents are not charged.

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