Foreign policy In one month Lula had 50 of Bolsonaros

Foreign policy: In one month, Lula had 50% of Bolsonaro’s meetings in four years

Returning to the international visibility and respect agenda, the President has already met with representatives from 15 governments and has an extensive agenda with key leaders.

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247 Resuming the agenda of visibility and international respect, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has already met with representatives of 15 governments since his inauguration and already has an extensive agenda of meetings for 2023: On Monday, the PT was due to meet the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, and is scheduled to travel to the United States on the 10th, where he will meet with President Joe Biden. In March he is scheduled to go to China and the following month to Portugal and at least three African countries including probably Angola.

“In less than a month, the numbers show the level of change the President has spurred in Brazilian foreign policy compared to Jair Bolsonaro’s government. The Petista has already met with representatives from 15 countries during this period, while his predecessor had bilateral meetings with leaders from 31 nations for four years. The agenda also underwent a representative shift and began to focus on issues that were left out, such as climate and human rights,” informs a report by Eliane Oliveira and Dimitrius Dantas in the O Globo newspaper.

The report also highlights the change in the profile of the new government’s diplomacy. “Foreign policy is now focused on issues such as global warming and human rights, broadening the previous scope, which was heavily tradefocused. Lula’s current challenges include recruiting new actors to fund action to mitigate the effects of global warming in the Amazon.”

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