For the pope, resignation is not on the agenda

For the pope, resignation is not on the agenda

Pope Francis gave a press conference on the plane returning from Canada. GUGLIELMO MANGIAPANE/AFP

ANALYSIS – On the plane returning from Canada, François assures that “the door was open”. But he said he hadn’t considered that possibility.

It is traditional for the Pope to give a press conference on the plane after returning from his trip. A dozen questions are asked by the 70 international journalists who accompany him. The length of the interview varies from around ten minutes to more than an hour, depending on the flight time.

On his return from Canada, in the night from Friday to last Saturday, the question of his resignation was put directly to the Pope twice. A 45-second TV clip, widely broadcast in France but cutting off the quote, gave the impression that the pope was announcing an impending resignation.

But François, 85, said precisely that it was not on the agenda. As he has always claimed since 2013 and repeated twice in the spring of 2022. The Anglo-Saxon and Italian press, not insisting on the issue, did not cheat this weekend.

In fact, Francis’ answer is immutable: Benedict XVI. has opened a historical path…

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