For Russia there is no serious proposal for negotiations with

For Russia there is no serious proposal for negotiations with Ukraine invader

Russia sees no serious proposal from the West to negotiate the Ukraine conflict, the Foreign Minister of the Eurasian state, Sergei Lavrov, said on Thursday.

In comparison, in an interview with the TASS news agency, the head of Russian diplomacy recalled the visits of African delegations that traveled to Russia and advocated for a peaceful solution, as well as the peace proposals of China, Brazil and other countries. including the League of Arab States.

“All of these proposals were characterized by a sincere desire to contribute to and reach an agreement based on taking into account and eliminating the root causes of the current situation, as well as ensuring security for all parties,” Lavrov stressed.

“Now the West is promoting the possibility of starting negotiations, while loudly and categorically declaring that the only basis for negotiations is the peace formula of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky. There is nothing to discuss here, this formula is purely an ultimatum,” he said.

In this sense, he pointed out that “not a single person with the slightest sense” can promote such an ultimatum as an indisputable basis for negotiations, “unless he tries to disrupt and prevent these discussions” .

Lavrov also warned: “If the West spreads such provocative rumors about the possibility of a ceasefire, it obviously tests our willingness to accept the conditions.”

And in fact they make no secret of their goal: to take a break of several months, no agreement except a temporary ceasefire, and to use the time gained to supply Ukraine with new weapons in addition to those already delivered. he added.

The minister emphasized that in this case the West is following the same logic as in the Minsk agreements. “They admitted that no one would implement the Minsk agreements, not Germany, not France, and even less Ukraine.”

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