For "denazification"  Threat: Blockades and sirens in northern Kosovo

For "denazification" Threat: Blockades and sirens in northern Kosovo

Sirens sounded just as Kosovo authorities were preparing to demand that Serbs visiting Kosovo replace their Serbian passport with a temporary identity card and replace Serbian plates in the country with Kosovar plates.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić said on Sunday, according to TV channel N1, that Serbia “has never been in a more complex and difficult situation than today”.

Vučić urged all parties to keep the peace, but warned: “If you don’t want to keep the peace, I tell you that Serbia will win”.

Furthermore, Serbian politician Vladimir Đukanović wrote on Twitter on Sunday: “Everything seems to me that Serbia will be forced to start the denazification of the Balkans.”

Mandl: “unacceptable”

EU parliamentarian Lukas Mandl, the ÖVP’s foreign and security policy spokesperson, told KURIER: “The language of Vučić and Đukanović is unbearable and unacceptable. decades But all sides are obliged to avoid violence at all costs. uses violence as a means of aggression is making a mistake.”