For a 9th season on Zeste Coups de food back

For a 9th season on Zeste: “Coups de food” back on March 10th

The first pictures of the 9th season of the show “food shotsare delicious.

Sébastien Benoît will again be at the forefront of this gourmet event next month, where he will be able to feast with local personalities.

For this new release, the 50-year-old presenter will have a snack with Jessica Barker, Patrice Bélanger, Jeff Boudreault, Julianne Côté, José Gaudet, Hugo Giroux, Philippe-Audrey Larrue-St-Jacques, Jason Roy Léveillée, Guy Nantel , Valérie Roberts , Guylaine Tanguay, Guylaine Tremblay and Jean-Nicolas Verreault. The guests share their “food shots” with Sébastien and the audience, as the show’s recipe dictates.

All addresses appear in the program from year to year. You can sit next to a food truck, in a bistro, in a pastry shop or even in a starred restaurant. All excuses are good to eat juicy dishes during the conversation. And let’s face it, there’s a lot on the table and some dishes require “big mouths”! In addition to Jessica Barker, Sébastien also says while eating a huge sandwich: “It’s juicy, you’re dirty, and that’s what you want!”

The first images also remind us that spring and summer are coming, which gives a little hope, in addition to raising hunger and leading us to visit different neighborhoods in the Montreal region.

Produced by Productions Déferlantes in collaboration with Quebecor Content, Season 9 of “Coups de food” premieres Friday March 10th at 10pm on Zeste.