Food waste: how long you can consume an expired product!     Once upon a time there was a pub

Food waste: how long you can consume an expired product! Once upon a time there was a pub

Chocolate, cheese, yogurt, cookies, etc. Some foods can be safe to eat after expiry date. A 2016 study by the Energy Transition Agency (Ademe) highlights the average level of our Waste.

A Frenchman every year throws away about 60 pounds of food, 7 kg of which are still packaged food. Many foods end up in the garbage even on the best-before date. However, a few days, even a few weeks after that date, many Are the foods still edible?. Explanations.

Food waste: the British solution

The British brand Waitrose fights against food waste Remove expiration dates of more than 500 products. Journalist Nicolas Bidard, who was present on the set of “12/13” on Friday August 5th, explains the purpose of this action.

“The goal: to prevent customers from throwing away food that is still edible and thus fight against food waste,” he said.

If all supermarkets did the same deletion, it would save, according to the brand seven million baskets of groceries. This decision has revived debates about the regulation of the best-before date.

The difference between DLC and DDM?

Under current legislation, consumer safety applies to any food product sold in supermarkets must be labeled an expiry date. What exactly is an expiration date? There are often two different dates on the label. Here’s what that means.

The Expiration Date (DLC)

The best before date (MHD) is marked with the words “to be used up” or “to be used up by” followed by the day, month and year. you marked the maximum shelf life of a food. If this date is exceeded, there is no exception, it is strongly recommended stop consuming the product.

This is often the reason for product recalls. In other words, the risks of food poisoning are high. In most cases these are products affected by the DLC are fresh foods. This includes meat, fish, cold cuts, chilled ready meals and certain dairy products.

The Best Before Date (DDM)

The best before date (MHD), marked with the words “best before end…” or “best before end…”, followed by a more or less precise date, is a meaningful date.

After that date we have can still consume the product. However, the taste can change a bit. Don’t worry, it’s due to the loss of some nutrients, like the vitamin. In any event, if the change in taste may be obvious, consume the food does not pose a health risk.

The foods affected by the DDM are dry, sterilized, dehydrated, freeze-dried products such as pasta, rice, sugar, salt, flour and preserves, etc.

However, before you eat them a small inspection is necessary. Check that the packaging is not swollen or baggy. Also check that the product looks good and has not yet changed color or smell. If in doubt avoid consumption.

Expiry dates exceeded?

As we have just seen, several foods can be eaten afterwards the expiration date (MDD). But of course the follow-up time depends on the type of food. And its storage conditions too.

Here are some examples for guidance:

  • Sterilized fresh cream (UHT): Consumable up to 2 weeks after DDM provided the jar is not opened
  • UHT milk: Consumable up to 2 months later without opening
  • Soft cheese: edible up to 2 weeks after MDD
  • Cooked Cheese: Consume perhaps up to 2 months after MDD
  • Honey, maple syrup: everlasting
  • Vinegar: imperishable

Thus, many foods are edible after the expiration date. There are even some foods that never perish. Educate yourself about these foods to avoid food waste. There are many more.

Health precautions and tips to avoid food waste

It’s better to Do not freeze food whose expiry date (DLC) is near, has already been reached or has passed. freezing and thawing accelerate decomposition of a food. Once you have thawed food, it is best to eat it up to avoid refreezing it.

He be carefulPregnant women, the elderly, people with a weakened immune system and children under the age of 5 should no longer consume the food one day after the expiration date.