Food not even worthy of a meal in Cite de la Sante

Food not even worthy of a meal in Cité-de-la-Santé

A 63-year-old Laval resident invites Prime Minister François Legault and Health Minister Christian Dubé to taste the “disgusting” food at Laval’s Cité-de-la-Santé hospital after being traumatized by what was being served to him.

“It’s not something you give people. Even my cat, I don’t think he would eat that,” said Gloria Santos indignantly.

She was hospitalized in the Cité-de-la-Santé in Laval last week after suffering a bad fall on the ice in her car park.

Finally, after a few days, Ms. Santos rushed out of the hospital because she could no longer eat the meals that were served to her.

Among other things, she said she ate a chicken sandwich “that looked like vomit,” a “cold” tomato soup and “very dry” carrots with half a salmon croquette.

They served him the salmon croquettes and the dried carrots.

Photo courtesy of Amanda-Marie Scolack

They served him the salmon croquettes and the dried carrots.

Although she is lactose intolerant and doesn’t eat pork, Santos feels this doesn’t justify the poor quality of the meals she received.

“They were supposed to help us get out of the hospital faster, but instead they give us Chenoute,” she lamented.

History repeats itself

The journal was published a month ago the story of Angelo Gagliano who preferred to die at home because of the disgusting food he was served at the Cité-de-la-Santé.

Ms Santos’ daughter, Amanda-Marie Scolack, is convinced her mother’s case is “far from isolated”.

Amanda Marie Scolack, daughter of Gloria Santos.

Photo courtesy of Amanda-Marie Scolack

Amanda Marie Scolack, daughter of Gloria Santos.

Gloria Santos invites the Prime Minister and the Minister of Health to taste the gastronomy of this hospital.

“They should come and eat the same as me and tell us if it’s for humans,” the 60-year-old suggested.

The photo of carrots and salmon pie “does not represent at all the quality of meals that we want for all patients in Quebec,” Minister Dubé’s office said, calling the situation “unacceptable.”

“We know that every situation is different and we need to understand what happened in this case before commenting further,” he added.

surprise and sadness

Laval Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSS) logistics director Martin Delage said he was “surprised” when he saw the photo.

He called the presentation “sad” mainly because of the styrofoam panel that was temporarily used to repair the hospital’s dishwasher.

Mr. Delage added that this meal “meets the standards required by the user”, specifying that patients with no dietary restrictions are provided with more appetizing dishes.

“Here we fall into a patient exception. It’s difficult when an anecdote like that comes out. Of the 600 patients we serve, there are few who don’t eat normally like you and I do. »

A promised complaint management system

The CISSS de Laval promises to implement a system that will allow patients to complain about their food if they are not satisfied, in response to recent reports in the journal.

“What we want to set up, I don’t know the means yet, but I want it to create a direct link between the patient and the catering services,” explains Martin Delage, logistics director at CISSS de Laval.

This measure is being taken following recent reports in the Journal of patients who believe the food served to them at the Cité-de-la-Santé was infected.

In reflection

“I’m thinking about it. Is it a QR code that we put in the back of the cabaret or an internal phone to say: ‘If you have a problem with your plate, [contacte-nous]’ asks Mr Delage.

According to the latter, patients usually do not dare to complain about their food to the nursing staff, who are often already overwhelmed.

“They say to themselves, ‘I don’t want to be whiny, he takes care of me’.”

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