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Flying objects shot down: According to Biden, no evidence of spying

According to US President Joe Biden, the three mysterious flying objects that were recently shot down by the US military were likely on their way for research purposes. According to intelligence services, they probably belonged to private companies or research institutions, as Biden said today in Washington.

“We still don’t know exactly what these three objects were, but at this point there is nothing to suggest that they were linked to China’s spy balloon program,” Biden said. There is also nothing to suggest that they were traveling for spying purposes on behalf of another country.

After the US military shot down an alleged Chinese spy balloon on Feb. 4, three other, smaller, unidentified flying objects have fallen from the sky since late last week.

One was shot down over Alaska, one over Canada and one over Lake Huron, which is part of the Great Lakes in the northern United States, bordering Canada. Since then, there has been speculation about the origin and purpose of flying objects.