Florida halts a 16  year abortion: "Not ready to decide"

Florida halts a 16 year abortion: "Not ready to decide"

shock in Florida. there court of appeal of the first district is disputed sixteen without parents the opportunity to do so abortand why “not mature enough to decide“The decision narrows options for the girl, who is 10 weeks pregnant: Jane Doe 22-B, as identified, must continue with the pregnancy for now and assess her next steps, from leaving the state to waiting. and try again get the green light of justice, even if it would increase the time she would have to undergo a surgical abortion in the case.

Jane Doe 22-B went to court because she was a minor and Florida law requires parental consent to proceed with the proceedingscancellation in the case of minors. In her petition to the court, the girl explained that “she is not ready to have a child”, that she is still in school and does not have a job, and that the “father of the child is not in a position to help her Statements that failed to convince the Court of Appeals upheld the previous ruling by Judge Jennifer Frydrychowicz, who had denied the abortion. However, one of the three Court of Appeals judges, Scott Makar, expressed his partial dissent. In his opinion, the case should really go to Judge Frydrychowicz, who, when she denied the girl an abortion, was willing to reassess the case in the days following her decision, as the girl was under particular stress over the death of a friend it seems that the court wanted to give the minor, who is under stress from the death of a friend, additional time to deal with the consequences of the better understand the end of pregnancy,” writes Makar. “This makes sense as the minor was open about having a baby but then changed her mind after realizing she couldn’t take care of her in her current situation,” Makar adds.

However, Jane Doe 22-B’s case is also confusing as many details are not public as a minor. It is unclear why the girl was not represented by a lawyer. In particular, it is not clear why the favorable opinion of his legal representative was not considered sufficient to proceed without trial.

The Florida court’s decision comes as more conservative American states, following the US Supreme Court, toughen up abortion laws. In North Carolina, a judge reinstated the abortion ban after 20 weeks, while in South Carolina, the state Supreme Court temporarily blocked enforcement of the abortion ban after six weeks, to activists cheering.



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