Flavio Briatore, “I drink his blood”: the secret shock of his ex

Flavio Briatore, “I drink his blood”: the secret shock of his ex

Flavio Briatore I drink his blood the secret shock of

Heidi klum is one of Flavio Briatore’s former historians: the two have a daughter (Leni, recently 18) and met last May at the Monaco Grand Prix (there was also Elisabetta Gregoraci and Naomi Campbell, speaking of former celebrities). Despite being almost 50, Klum is still stunningly beautiful, as if she has an elixir of eternal youth.

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But what’s his secret? An interview with Daily Pop caused a stir. “I drink my husband’s young blood”, said Heidi. She later had to point out that it was a hoax as fans were already freaking out imagining the scene where the super supermodel drinks the blood of Tom Kaultiz, her third husband and Tokio Hotel guitarist. Their marriage is going well: “Time has flown by, but our understanding is so strong that it seems like a life that we are together.”

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“I finally feel like I’ve found the right man,” he added, “so far our marriage is going very well and I hope it stays that way for a long time. I’m a happy person. For the first time I have a partner with whom I can discuss everything. Someone who shares the responsibilities we all have in our lives. I used to be alone with everything. For the first time I can experience what it’s actually like to have a partner.”