Flávia Pedras praises her relationship with Jô Soares in emotional messages: "Love I’ve never seen before"  RD1  earth

Flávia Pedras praises her relationship with Jô Soares in emotional messages: "Love I’ve never seen before" RD1 earth

Jo Soares and Flavia PedraExwife of Jô Soares, Flávia Pedras opens up about her relationship with the presenter in an emotional letter (Image: Reproduction / Globo)

The death of Yo Soares in the early morning hours of last Friday (5th) was a big shock for many people. This weekend is the Fantastic spoke about this farewell and moved the audience with the honors.

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At one point they showed a series of messages sent by Flavia Pedras, exwife of the presenter. Still not interested in recording an interview, the girl decided to write simply to express her feelings.

The two were initially married for 11 years and maintained a good relationship even after the separation. Because of all this, she could not record anything via video or phone, after all, she is still digesting the situation.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know how I’m supposed to be smart enough to talk to you right now, and I’d hate to be cheesy in the face of so many genuine manifestations,” he begins to say.

Flávia Pedras states that she loved Jô Soares very much

In one of the excerpts of the message sent to Globo, Flávia Pedras emphasizes that the private life between the two was unique; in addition to explaining why she chose not to expose herself so much at this moment, since she would like to respect this story in silence. “In my heart,” he emphasized.

“Our meeting was a kind of love that I have never seen before. We invented it and never neglected it or gave it up,” he added. Finally, she thanked the affection she has experienced since revealing the death of Jô Soares.

“Thank you all so much for so much love. I will use it every time the longing becomes unbearable,” he concluded. Flávia Pedras is currently married to the singer Zelia Duncan.

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