Five new movies to watch on Netflix this weekend

Five new movies to watch on Netflix this weekend

The weekend calls for action, but also for relaxation and rest before Monday comes around again. And one option to rest your body and mind is to watch movies on the couch or in bed, alone or with others. To help you choose which metropolises brings the news from the Netflix catalogue.

365 last days

The final film in the 365 Days sequel will put Laura and Massimo’s relationship to the test. This is because Nacho’s presence leaves the protagonist with doubts about her lover. Crime, mistrust and sensuality are at play! Click here to view them

365 last days (3)

365 Final Days Photo: Netflix/Disclosure

netflix How about if…

How about if…?Photo: Netflix/Disclosure

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RoyalteePhoto: Netflix/Disclosure

Untold The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist netflix

Untold: The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist netflixPhoto: Netflix/Disclosure

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13: The MusicalPhoto: Netflix/Disclosure

0What if…?

You’ve probably been thinking about what your life would be like if you had made a few different choices. But while we’re left to the imagination, Natalie will be torn between the option of staying in her hometown, conceiving and moving to Los Angeles. The unfolding of these possibilities is on Netflix! Click here to view them


Those looking for a romantic getaway can enjoy the story of Prince Karl Johan, known as Kalle, and Lena. Between the challenges of living with mistakes and overcoming fears, the two will live a passion that can be destroyed by a secret held by Lena. Click here to view them

Untold: The Friend Who Didn’t Exist

The documentary tells the story of American football player Manti Te’o as he leads a life centered on faith, family and football. He’s one of the college league darlings but may face scandal after an online relationship is exposed. Click here to view them

13: The musical

Evan Goldman is a teenager who moves to Indiana from New York after his parents divorced. With the challenge of going to a new school and making friends, he decides to celebrate his 13th birthday with the coolest bar mitzvah ever. The twists and turns of this trip is ideal for kids and family to see together. Click here to view them

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