fitness mom!  Viviane Araújo Posts Postpartum Workout Video

fitness mom! Viviane Araújo Posts Postpartum Workout Video

This Tuesday morning (09), the muse Viviane Araújo, who is in the final stages of pregnancy, posted a video on her Instagram Stories while exercising at home, encouraging her followers to exercise and take care of their health.

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Joaquim’s mother explained that despite her busy schedule and little time for other routine activities, she never stops exercising. Even if it’s a 20 minute workout at home and you have such a wonderful feeling that the day has started super well.

“One tip I give that we shouldn’t neglect to take care of our health is don’t think. Get up, get dressed and train. I’m like, I either go to the gym or I do my workout here at home for 20 minutes. With the pandemic, home workouts have become more and more common in my life,” he explained.

Even in the final phase of pregnancy, Viviane Araújo did not give up her everyday training. What’s your excuse?😅(Via: Stories/Viviane Araújo)

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Viviane Araújo talks about in vitro fertilization

Viviane Araújo is expecting her first child, Joaquim. For her pregnancy, the muse opted for the “ovodoation” method, in which a donated egg cell is fertilized. From the start of her pregnancy, Vivi opened up the game and explained what the whole fertilization process was like.

Also according to information from Quem magazine, Vivi made it a point to make it clear how she got pregnant in order to help other women in the process.

“I made sure to be very clear about how I got pregnant, what the whole process was like, so I can really help a lot of women who have this desire, who have this dream and who think it’s impossible. I know that they often see women my age getting pregnant and think that “everything is fine”, but in fact they don’t know how it happened and how it happened,” Viviane explained.

“So I made sure to tell you what my process was like, so I can really help these women, so I can really demystify egg donation a little bit. It’s a very beautiful, very beautiful path for these women who are struggling to get pregnant but also sometimes have some resistance to accepting the process. So I really wanted to talk about it, to demystify it and break that taboo a little.”

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