First no from Liz Truss to the eco king she

First no from Liz Truss to the eco king: she does not go to the climate conference

by Luigi Ippolito

Cop27 planned for November in Sharm el-Sheik. Charles III was disappointed because he had already organized

LONDON – First clash between new King Charles III. and the British neo-Prime Minister Liz Truss: According to the Sunday Times, the head of government would have forbidden the sovereign to go to the Cop27, the climate conference planned for November in Sharm el-Sheikh. Sources close to Charles, quoted by the newspaper, said the king was personally disappointed as he had already organized to go to the conference where he would present a range of sustainability-related initiatives: but from the Downing Street, they emphasize that there was no dispute. and that the atmosphere of the hearing, during which the Prime Minister announced her decision, remained cordial.

However, it’s easy to imagine that Carlo and Liz Truss’ coexistence risks being unbalanced: he’s always been an ecology advocate, while the new government prepares for relaxation of environmental regulations and fears he’s targeting decarbonization could give up the economy by 2050. The King, however, was quick to bow to Downing Street’s dictates: after all, in his first address to the nation, the new ruler had promised to uphold constitutional principles at the heart of our nation, admitting that he would not it is no longer possible to devote so much time and energy to the causes that are close to my heart. A recognition that his activism as Prince of Wales, which saw him intervene in everything from the environment to architecture to foxhunting, will no longer be sustainable now that he has ascended the throne.

But Carlo’s ideas are no mystery to anyone: from the environment to cross-cultural dialogue, he definitely has a progressive sensibility that risks being ignored by Liz Truss’ ultra-conservative ideology. Something reminiscent of the sensational disagreement between Queen Elizabeth and Margaret Thatcher on the issue of sanctions against apartheid South Africa: because the Crown, while politically neutral, can make its voice heard if it chooses.

October 2, 2022 (change October 2, 2022 | 22:14)