1667449038 First down The Universitario foreign soccer player confirmed he wont

First down! The Universitario foreign soccer player confirmed he won’t continue in 2023

First down The Universitario foreign soccer player confirmed he wont

University of Sports finished fifth in the overall standings League 1 Betsson 2022 and failed to qualify for the semi-finals of the competition. With that in mind, the leadership would renew the cream team’s roster for next season. One of those who will not follow is Federico Alonso.

Through social networks, the Uruguayan defender published a warm message on his social networks, saying goodbye and thanking the Ate club fans.

Federico Alonso joined the Universitario in 2020. Photo: Universitario/Twitter

“I thank all the cream people and a country that has opened its doors to me in these three years. With successes and mistakes, but with the good conscience of having given my best every day. I was able to enjoy the cream world, which surprised me again and again at every place. I will always be grateful to my teammates, officials, fans and family for their unconditional support. Thank you,” the defender wrote on his Instagram account.

Federico Alonso’s numbers in 2022

This season, Federico Alonso He played 2,249 minutes in 29 games University of Sports enter here league 1 and the Copa Libertadores. In total, the Uruguayan defender scored three goals and received ten yellow cards.

The defender joined the top team in 2020 at the request of coach Gregorio PĂ©rez from Cerro de Uruguay. The centre-back showed a good level in his debut season and reached the national sub-championship with the Meringues that year.