Fired, employee breaks wine bottles in market and is arrested

Fired, employee breaks wine bottles in market and is arrested

After being fired from a job at a supermarket in Argentina, a 25yearold girl was caught breaking bottles of local alcoholic beverages in a “moment of anger”. The case was registered on Tuesday (14) in the town of Rafaela, Santa Fe.

The video, in which the laidoff employee identified as Evelin Roldán breaks bottles while another employee screams, has gained popularity on social media. In it you can see how wine was spilled on the floor of one of the corridors.

Speaking to local newspaper El Litoral, the young woman said she had been working at the Apollo market since March 2022 and had been mistreated during that time. She claims she was fired without any explanation and left without any financial support.

According to the fired young woman, she worked nine hours a day from Monday to Saturday to earn a salary of 50,000 pesos (equivalent to R$2,000). The minimum wage in the country is 45,500 pesos.

# viral / A video that is more than a fight

After a discussion that ended with 25yearold Evelyn Roldán being naked, the young man threw a fit of rage, throwing numerous glass bottles on the floor.

Que Pasa Salta (@QuePasaSalta) June 15, 2022

In addition to reporting alleged abuse, the woman claimed that her bosses “conveniently” edited the video for her. She was arrested by the police and will face legal charges of “vandalism”.

“I will follow the legal path and trust that there is some justice for the good and that I will move heaven and earth to find them,” he said.