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Fioretta Mari: “A director followed me into the bathroom and locked the key, they tried to put me to bed…

“A director followed me into the bathroom and locked the key. I said no and the next day he took the role from me.” This time, a story of violence, threats and abuse on set will be told Fioretta Mari. He does so in an interview with Repubblica and his story is the new piece of this Italian Me Too that is taking shape these days thanks to the complaints of the collective hamlet. Hundreds of complaints collected, half a dozen court cases have already started. Mari ups the dose: “They tried – she recalls – to put me to bed in the most frightening way. Sometimes everything goes smoothly and then suddenly they jump on you and you realize you wish you were getting old to leave you alone.” Fiorella is a noble name in Italian cinema, theater and television. He is an acting teacher at Simona Izzo’s school and at the Lee Strasberg Institute in New York. He is also acting coach of Amici di Maria De Filippi. She recalls her career and explains that she was harassed thirty times. What are the stories? A respected show promoter attacked her in her villa in Sicily: “He asked me if I wanted to see a picture in the house. I said yes – he attacked me while my friend was swimming a few meters away. I asked him if he wasn’t ashamed.”

Then he talks about a well-known director who is dead. It was he who followed her into the bathroom and locked the key behind her. What happened in the following moments? “There was a family party at home, I had no way out and couldn’t shout because there were children behind the wall. If I had asked him not to touch me, he would have been even meaner, because that’s how predators think.” But in any case, he gives him a resounding “no”: “I said something very violent to him and he got scared. The next day he threw me out of fiction with a surreal excuse. I was signed for 11 episodes and I did one. but they paid me in full“.

Victims of harassment of actresses revolt:

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Today only one perpetrator of the harassment against him is alive, Fioretta continues. The question: why didn’t he report it at the time? His answer: “That would have meant not working anymore”. And also jeopardized the career of his uncle: Turi Ferro, a giant of Sicilian theater. Today he does not want to name names: “It makes no sense to destroy characters who wrote the history of Rai and Mediaset“. Other situations appear in their stories: “In one show I had the character of a Tuscan with my temperament. I come to the principal’s office and he was alone. As we speak, he stands up, He comes behind me and starts touching me. I left, did I get the role? no. Same thing in Syracuse: I had a contract for two seasons, I only did one because I canceled the producer who is always very famous when he jumped on me. Fioretta, on the other hand, wants to remember those who never reached out, because not everyone behaved awkwardly towards her: “Manfredi, Albertazzi, Lionello, Solenghi. Baudo is the most respectable man I’ve ever known, like Tognazzi: on the first day of rehearsals for L’Avaro he said to me: I like women with a nice butt, so I like you. I replied that I was married, he cut off: You will be my best friend”.

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