Fiorella Retiz gives her opinion on Ampay by Erika Villalobos

Fiorella Retiz gives her opinion on “Ampay” by Érika Villalobos: “It seems perfect to me”

Fiorella Retizwho became the center of attention after being endorsed by Aldo Miyashiro, opened up about the support of Érika Villalobos, the TV host’s ex-partner.

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Through the cameras of the show Magaly TV: La Firme, the reporter assured that it seems “perfect” that the actress, after breaking up with Aldo Miyashiro, with whom she has been dating for more than a decade, is looking for a new opportunity in the love gives.

“It seems to me that they look like two happy people and how beautiful, right? Finding true love is different, right? “It seems perfect to me, in reality I believe that people always strive to be happy again,” said first.

Additionally, “La Casa de Magaly” member Erika Villalobos congratulated her on apparently finding love in a new man.

“Regardless of the circumstances, beyond everything, one always searches for happiness and when one finds it, what a miracle.” Congratulations to all women committed to love. Love is the most beautiful thing there is and they always know how to choose so that it is not a false love.he stressed.


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