Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, the controversy surrounding the video of her dancing and the doubts about how it ended up…

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, the controversy surrounding the video of her dancing and the doubts about how it ended up…

A video shows the Prime Minister of Finland celebrating exuberantly at a party: one of her political opponents is asking for a drug test. And others accuse: campaign of his (Russian?) Enemies

There is only one law governing the right of politicians to attend parties, festivals and celebrations, and Murphy’s Law: If anything can go wrong, it will.

When a private or worse secret party, like the full lockdown party that gave the Johnson government a final boost in the UK, goes public; if there are entraneuses paid for discretion, someone will pay them more to talk; If you trust guests won’t shoot or post compromising videos, here are the videos a few hours later on social media.

Now, in the eye of a national and international storm, a series of videos on Instagram happened to Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin, 36: she is seen dancing at a wild party with famous friends (pop stars, influencers, other MPs) nobody, he looks very clear .

Between rock festivals and Italian vacations (on the Prosecco hills, with friends), the busy summer of one of the youngest heads of government in office had just earned the praise of the international press, who applauded a modern, relaxed and confident, the coolest in the world (as pictured ) so much so that she goes to concerts in shorts and sequins.

Now all Finnish news sites, starting with the Iltalehti tabloid, which first broke the news, are catching up on the story and on Twitter – where the dancing premier’s videos have already been viewed two million times and the hashtag #SannaMarin has been trending since yesterday – supporters and Critics Slaughtered: Was There Cocaine? have you been drinking heavily Do you need a drug test? Couldn’t he stay at home?

Yesterday, after 24 hours of piling up the case, the prime minister responded to the press from Kuopio, where the traditional summer congress of her party, the Social Democrats, is taking place. I have nothing to hide, he said. I danced, sang, partied, allowed, and I don’t know how much I drank, but moderately.

But to embarrass the premier are not poses and movements, but a sentence in the background: someone seems to be talking about jauhojengi, the gang of flour, that is – colloquially – of coca; shortly after, something is mentioned that makes you feel good; That’s enough on social media to differentiate between those who think we were talking about drugs and those who think the word used was a different one altogether. It would be unacceptable that the prime minister found herself at a party with narcotics, writes the Iltalehti tabloid.

I didn’t do drugs, I just drank, Marin said at the press conference, and Yle, who chased after her a few hours later, admitted on TV that I could get tested if I had to. That’s what the opposition MPs are demanding.

Marin comes from his people support, according to the social democrat Antti Lindtman. I don’t see any scandals.

But who posted the videos? I was confident that they would remain private, also because they were filmed in a house where we partied, yes, in a slightly rough way. I’m disappointed, said the Prime Minister.

She shared them – among friends – via the private Instagram account of photographer Janita Autio, a good friend of the premiere and former author of her portrait in short films at Ruisrock Festival.

Could he be more careful? And why does one of the guests have a peeking face in the videos and the premier doesn’t?

There are those who think in the shadow of Russian hackers: after all, Sanna Marin, the prime minister who brought Finland to the historic turning point of NATO membership, and explicitly advocated banning Russian tourists.

Last fall, the prime minister invited friends to her home in violation of security protocols; in December she had gone dancing without the President’s phone; then she had apologized to the Finns for the frivolity.

For her (many) followers, however, the best quality of a girls premiere.

August 19, 2022 (change August 19, 2022 | 10:58)