Finnish Prime Minister Appears in Video Dancing on Floor and Faces Criticism

Finnish Prime Minister Appears in Video Dancing on Floor and Faces Criticism

HELSINKI The Prime Minister of Finland, Sanna MarinAfter her performance, she was criticized by naysayers Dancing and partying in a video that circulated on social media. One directive even asked her to take a drug test over the footage, which Marin denies being used, claiming she didn’t do much.

In the pictures, the 36yearold prime minister is dancing and singing with friends, including Finnish celebrities, according to local newspapers. Marin is the world’s youngest prime minister and has never denied that she likes to party after being photographed at music festivals. Last week she was dubbed the “coolest prime minister in the world” by German newspaper Bild.

Last year, Marin apologized for going to parties after contacting a person who later tested positive Covid19. Back then, she would have gone to the party without taking her work phone, preventing her team from letting her know about the close contact. Marin did not test positive.

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Finland’s Prime Minister @MarinSanna is in the headlines after a video of their party was leaked today.

She has previously been criticized for attending too many music festivals and spending too much on parties instead of governing.

The critics say it doesn’t fit a PM.

— Visegrad 24 (@visegrad24) August 17, 2022

The opposition did not hesitate to criticize the Finnish leader, along with the leader of the Finns Party, Riikka Purra, demanding that Marin take a drug test. She denied using drugs and said she only drank alcohol and partied “loudly”.

However, others defended Marin’s right to attend parties. Socialist MP Antti Lindtman said she had “a lot of sympathy and support”. It was “danced at a private event,” he said. “I don’t see anything to talk about.”

Commenting on the video, the Prime Minister said she knew she was being filmed but was upset that the content had become public. “I was dancing and singing and partying absolutely cool stuff. And I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve seen or heard from other people [usando drogas]’ he added in a statement to the Finnish press.

It’s unclear who released the video, which appears to have been posted as an Instagram story and includes clips taken at different times of the night.

Marin told reporters, “I have a family life, I have a professional life and I have free time to spend with my friends. Pretty much like a lot of people my age.” And he added that he didn’t see a need to change his behavior. “I’m going to be exactly the same person I’ve been and I hope that’s accepted,” she said.

Critics pointed out that Finland shares a 1,340kilometer land border with it Russiais faced with high electricity prices, among other things Russian invasion of Ukraine. The country recently gave up its longstanding position of neutrality and asked to join NATO.

On social media, some criticized Marin’s behavior, saying she wasn’t fit for the position, while others defended her, saying the pictures proved she really is the coolest prime minister, as the German newspaper defined her.

Marin is a member of the “cool generation”, according to the Bild newspaper, “the most important politician in his country, who led him into one of the most dangerous crises of his time and which he is still celebrating today”.

Guests also featured in the footage include wellknown TV and radio presenters, influencers, a stylist, singer Alma and an MP from Marin’s Social Democratic Party.

Marin has been Prime Minister of Finland since December 2019 and maintains her party’s support. His performance during the Covid19 pandemic has been highly praised, with Finland doing better than many European countries in terms of infections and deaths. The quick response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine is also a reason to commend the prime minister./AP